Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oh My Puppies!

We got puppies! I can't believe it, after years of wanting a puppy Harold actually agreed. So we went puppy shopping...and guess what we came home with. Not just one puppy but two puppies! Harold the big softy just couldn't leave one of these little girls behind.

This first picture is Mindy. She's a quiet girl, so very sweet, and a bit timid.
This is Myah, she is a firecracker....nuff said!
Well, I have much more to update you on....mostly puppy stuff...but right now...I've got to go help hubby set up our new tent in the back yard to check it out!

It's been a pretty good...tiring but :-)

Glad to read you had a great time Jennifer :-) We'll chat soon! I was so glad to see you posted...I had to write one myself ;p