Monday, December 31, 2007

A sock count you say!

Well, since I'm really more addicted to reading other peoples blog posts than to writing my own, I've noticed that some people actually keep track of what they knit! Novel concept I know...I've always meant to...but somehow...things get lost in the scuffle. I always meant to keep a book, with a picture of each thing I finished and the pertinent information...but that hasn't happened yet either..I guess blogging and ravelry are the closest I've come to actually keeping track of anything outside of my head....

....this lead me to (in my head) count up the number of socks that I've knit...(or rather sock pairs). I'm including worsted weight and bulky socks..because well, otherwise...I'd have no socks....the only tiny needle socks I've made got frogged once they made it to the heal.'s my sock count...from what I can remember
(I'm not counting all those single socks that I made in my late teen years...I don't think I ever completed an entire won't count......hmmmm...only since the knitting resurgence in my life will I include....funny....knitting started up again right around the time I "became Christian" or however you word such a life changing event...(I mean the Christianity...not the knitting.....although it has brought it's own form of fulfillment...not on the same level :-)

Ok, really, here's the sock count:
1 - red socks from Erin's pattern, knit while I was in Nova Scotia, just tossed them out :-(

2 - socks for Joel - as part of a wedding present

3 - baby socks for Sienna, whipped up during our summer vacation b/c her tootsies were cold

3 1/2 - socks for Harold - a direct copy of Joel's sock...but for Harold these are just not moving along.

I thought that I counted 5 in my head...perhaps I've missed's probably just 3 1/2 ......hmmmmmmmmm
This is less exciting that originally thought hahaha!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Is it possible

Here I am....on the first side of the front...moving right I can get a lot more knitting done when I don't go to work :-) If this continues...there is a distinct possibility that I will actually be able to get this sweater done for Sienna's first birthday party....(January 5th is the party date)

Can she do it?...can she do it?....well... that all depends on how much it offends people to be ignored while I knit :-) just joking...I can talk AND's talent you know

Oh...I hope I hope I hope......I hope I can get it all done. I think I'm deceiving myself by thinking that I've accomplished a lot, I betcha the hood is going to take the longest of all the pieces!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

No more slippers

Seriously...I'm all done with slippers...I might put pom poms on these..but really...that is IT!
I made these yesterday...and was oh sooooo happy that the pattern agrees with the name...these are Patons "Speedy slippers" an ancient pattern.... and oh so speedy

I'm so excited to be working on THIS again! It's really nice to knit. It's the most cabley thing I've ever done...and I've decided that I enjoy knitting cables... I finished the back yesterday, and then today while H was watching football, (and yelling due to the less than stellar score for Greenbay at that DID that turn out anyways?) I casted on one of the front pieces....H is napping now....due to a very frustrating afternoon of football, and well, it is Sunday...which means Tim Hortons coffee, church, Swiss Chalet chicken, football accompanied by knitting for me, and nap time....(obviously not in order of importance...but there is an rather stringent timeline associated with this schedule :-)
I gave up nap time today in favour of I've got about 3 1/2 inches done on that front piece...woo hoo....I'm on fire :P

Pablo the penguin says Merry Christmas

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Grey sweater update

My my! I never posted...I finished my grey sweater AGES ago...and I love it...although ...I need to reblock (read stretch) it out a little bit longer...I will attempt this next washing.
I finished it in OCTOBER!!! I knew I'd been not on blogger for awhile..but I thought for sure I'd posted the grey sweater! I guess not!

Here are some pics:
Nope...still can't rotate posts will always look silly...(if not for the weird pictures themselves...then definitely for the fact that they're on their sides)

Christmas slippers

I knit Christmas slippers for almost everyone in my lab this year. I had to deliver them in secret, because I was one pair short, (which means another pair to make over the holidays). Most of them were felted, and the last pair I made was given to the recipient while still a little bit wet...hahaha...good thing she's a close friend, and she knits she understands the value of a soggy slipper :-D

The next day I got the picture in a thank-you email. Her two year old son helped her unwrap them and said "Nice slippers mommy" hehehe...he's such a cutie!

So, now I'm back to working on the cabled baby sweater for my neice.
I just finished the back a few hours ago....I finished casting off, and then went for a nice long nap. Ha! It's the first day of Christmas vacation....I'm off work until January 2nd!Merry Christmas!!!