Monday, September 26, 2011

Menu Plan Monday!

Super super simple meal plan this week.... basically working from pantry items....

Monday:  Tacos...yum!
Tuesday:  Out
Wednesday:  Beef w Snowpeas & brown rice
Thursday:  Honey Mustard chicken w peas & corn
Friday:  Hmmm...what's for Friday...hmmmm   PITA PIZZAS!!!!  Yum!

Irish Cottage anyone??

Soo...I thought perhaps it would be faster to crochet some longies...I used to be so much faster at crochet.... ha!  NOOOOO

 I'm so slow now...I think I might be faster at knitting (and I'm a slow knitter)....maybe it's the single crochet...I've never been a fan of the single crochet....  :(

... so... perhaps I'll work on speeding up my knitting.... I'm going to try to change how I hold the yarn when I wrap/throw...  I watched a Stephanie Pearl McPhee she's fast... and you know...when I first started knitting and did all long straight needles...I just naturally used that method, and always thought I was doing something weird and wrong!!!   man...I like...trained myself out of it! I pretty much only ever knit on circulars.... so...I'm going to try it again... there are other videos that show her working on circs.....wish me luck....  I'll likely this is my current obsession.....

Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Meal Plan!

Soo...I've still been meal planning...but I've been doing it a little differently.    We really found the need with me going back to work to have everything planned out and organized so that we both have access to our calendar all the time!   So, I've gone back to using the google calendars.   I just made another calendar in a different colour, and I'm planning my meals on my google "meal plan" calendar now.  It's wonderful!   I love that I can just drag and drop the meals to rearrange them if we switch nights, or if for some reason we don't use one meal I can just drag it to the next week (assuming it's a pantry/freezer friendly meal).

So, anyways.   Our meals for this week are again super simple

Monday - Swiss Chalet leftovers (yes please!)
Tuesday - Tacos with fixins
Wednesday - Honey Mustard chicken with Peas and Corn
Thursday - Harold's birthday!!! Woot!  Ordering in food of his choosing (likely Chinese from Dragon Boat)
Friday - Beef and snow pea stir fry on brown rice (yum...still garden snow peas that I froze)

I'm still decluttering too...although I kindof fell off that horse for a bit.  Now, I'm back to motivated and I've done a fair bit this week.   Silly though :(  I forgot to take pictures..... ... bah!  I can't believe I've posted our super humiliating before pictures for all the world to see!...  It's OK..I know.... no one reads my blog ....hahaha....

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Baby bum balm

I just made a batch of baby bum balm.   I am soooo pleased!  I hope it works a great as it looks. (update:  yes it does work wonderfully!)

I used this post for instructions, although mine is a wee bit different.

I used grapeseed oil, because that's what I had leftover from when Pickle was super tiny and all the moisturizers left her red and screaming....  grapeseed oil was all we could use on her.

I bought a 6oz block of beeswax from an Etsy seller for $10 including shipping, and some calendula petals from another seller for about $3.    Since I already had the oil I consider that free.    I'm always saving those tins are leftover tins from actual Dimpleskins Bum Bum Balm...which absolutely ROCKS and we've used it on Pickle since she was born..... it's $13 a tin.    I made my whole batch...equivalent to over 6 tins for the price of one.   I hope mine is good.   It's only got grapeseed oil, and the actual bum bum balm has several different oils, including coconut, and apricot kernal oil.     I suppose I could experiment sometime down the road if this first trial is at all a success.

So basically.... you make your infused oil....  cover the flower petals with oil...and let'em soak  (I did the fast method of putting it in the oven for a bit.  Preheat oven to 200F  and then turn it off.... then put your petal/oil mix in the oven and let it sit...for hours...I did overnight.

Now, for the actual bum balm making:

  • grate one ounce of wax for every cup of oil you are using
  • in a glass measuring cup (or whatever you're willing to give up forever) heat your oil/wax mixture on the stove in a small pot simmering water..... I used forks to keep the glass cup from touching the bottom...I need one of those wire rack thingies..
  • Once wax is melted (this took a long while to get started, then went super fast) remove from heat and let cool for 5 minutes
  • Once 5 minutes has passed, stir in 8 drops of essential oil (Lavender) for every cup of oil you used
  • Pour into your little containers, let cool,  enjoy pampered bottoms and extra money in your pocket  (to buy more yarn!)

There's the bum balm!  Upon first seems a little less solid than the name brand....but better to be too soft than too hard right?  That's what I think anyways  :)  perhaps a wee bit more wax next time...or...maybe I just haven't waited long enough for it to fully harden.  :)  I am pleased!

Arrggg..I gotta say....formatting posts in blogger right now totally sucks :(  it was good for awhile...and now somehow something has changed...and tres frustrating again....arrrghhh!

Edit: need to change the amounts...the consistency is perrrrrfect!

She's my daughter....