Thursday, September 23, 2010

This morning

She’s beautiful!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Blog picture lapse!

Whoops…sort of fell behind there….wowzers….Ruby is 3 months old!  Oh…and her daddy turns 40 today!  Happy Birthday Daddy!


This picture was actually taken on the 10th…I still need to upload some more recent ones…

Friday, September 10, 2010

Random photos

So, the sad realization that I don’t have a single photo of my mom and I has lead me to subject my poor sweet baby to an impromptu self portrait photo session (as in holding the camera in one hand and taking bad photos with the other).  They might look silly…and Ruby looks either confused or less than impressed…hmmm perhaps shocked by the camera flash!  …but…  she will at least have a handful of pictures of us together.  Something I so so tearfully wish that I had with my mom.


“Whaaaat is going on here?”

014”Ack… mummy….squishing….me….too…..tight….ack…”

017 “Stop it,  enough with this….no…more…kisses!”021”Meh, might as well just give up… or we’ll have to do this all day”

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Family visit

Ruby got to meet her cousin Brooklynn and her Auntie Kim this weekend (Labour Day long weekend).  I love this picture of Brooklynn holding Ruby, since I keep thinking that Ruby looks more like Brooklynn did as a baby than anyone else… although… most would argue that Ruby is a little carbon copy of her daddy, the similarities are definitely there (except the cheeks…those are from mommy all the way).
004I was playing with black and white because I love the look and thought I might make a few of her scrapbook pages with black and white photos…whatcha think?005

A new favourite toy

Now that grabbing things is in full swing, and the attempt must be made to eat everything, this is the new favourite toy.  It’s perfect.  The black elastic everywhere is easy for little hands to get ahold of. The little knobbley things make a happy little “plink” sound when it’s tipped back and forth, and the round ends are super tasty!038 Now…just check out those tweety bird cheeks…they’re hard to capture on camera…since they only show up with a certain facial expression….but I just LOVE THEM!019

Thursday, September 02, 2010

A little late

It appears I’ve been tardy with uploading pictures of our sweet girl.  So here are a few to make up for my delay :-)  Ruby will tell you about all the pictures below…really she will…I’m not putting words in her mouth…


I have sleepy eyes, since picture time always seems to be during early morning play time.


Seriously mummy….stop flashing that thing in my eyes!


Morning bible study with Daddy.  I like to talk a lot while he’s reading.  This might be my favourite time of the day.


I’m totally rocking tummy time…look how strong my neck is…boy that blanket looks tasty… I wonder if I can get that in my mouth.