Saturday, March 26, 2011

A progression: From playtime to naptime

"See, I'm cute.  When I put my head to the side like this you're supposed to say "Awwww""

"Oh, yes!  By all means, take my picture.  You know I love the camera mummy"

"MMM, fence is almost as tasty as cucumber"

"Well, I wouldn't expect you to understand, but it really IS tasty,  I don't know why you adults insist on only eating "food""

"Ha Ha Ha Ha EeeeeeK!  I am SO EXciTeD!"

"Huh?  Where are you going with that camera, you're taking pictures of me remember"

"You come back here,  give me my camera...."

"Ha, it might take me awhile, but I will get it..."

"It's almost mine, I'm SO close!"

"Wait, why did you move back, I almost had my camera"

"My mummy is (sob) so (sob) MEAN (sob,sob)"

"Why!?!?!?,  Why!?!?!?"

"I'm just going to lay here and life is SO HARD!"

Adventures in Cucumber

Ruby is moving more towards eating whatever we're eating.... well... right now she still eats a lot of her "baby food"  but, she's starting to have bits of whatever we're eating for dinner.  She had spaghetti last week, and some brown rice (really her bib and high chair had brown rice) at lunch this week.  Today at lunch she got some lettuce and cucumber to chew on....the lettuce was "meh", the that was a hit...

 "Mmmm, the center is the tastiest, AND it provides a nice carrying handle" don't believe me that she said that?!?

 Here's the "Aren't I cute" head to the side pose.