Monday, September 29, 2008

Still at it...

tink, tink, tink, tink

tink, tink, tink,

tink, tink


tink tink tink tink tink tink tink tink tink tink tink tink tink

that's all I have to say today :-p

oh, yeah, and I royally messed up my back on Saturday...thought it was better Sunday, but then today at work I gradually progressed to not being able to move my head...ha! I'm very funny looking....I can't move I'm not going to feel guilty about the pile of dishes in the sink! I'm just going to tink....cuz I can move my arms :-)

Saturday, September 27, 2008


I don't even have a picture for you, I'm not taking one. I've been working diligently on Harold sweater. I had just started to really see progress, when I realized that the mistake early on that I thought I could live with would bother me forever. I realized this as I was thinking about "the next time I make one of these sweaters I'll do that hem properly, and it will look nice" and "I hope I do the sleeves better" Oh man! I knew I had to rip it, or I just wouldn't be happy with the final product, or the rest of the knitting.

I should have done it before, but it took me so darned long to get through doing that part in the first place that I avoided it. MISTAKE! Now I'm not only redoing it, but I've ripped out hours of work, and I have to try to undo knitting the inside and outside of the them together, and then tink back a row, and then do it all over again. I have 240 stitches a row.

Ok, backup, here's the problem, I knit one of those hems where you do a provisional cast on and then knit 2 inches or whatever, then a purl row, then the front side for 2 inches then unzip the cast on and knit a stitch from the cast on together with a stitch from the outside part. Here's a old picture...before I messed it up:

Anyways, I was right to begin with, I had the two sides even, but then I started knitting the sides together and it seemed like the outside was shorter, and I was afraid that would make the bottom sort of swoop out. So I undid that and knit another row before doing the knitting together part. Well, now that it's a big longer, there is a big pucker on the outside, it's like you can tell there is a seem there, but the inside is beautiful and flat! Grrrrrr. It's the outside that should be beautiful and flat! So, last night I was happily (but not completely happily obviously) knitting along and in one split second I decided I must rip. I yanked the needle out and started pulling.... ugg, you wouldn't believe how long it took me to pull it was just a mean reminder of how long I'd blindly knit refusing to admit the truth because I knew how much work it would be. Oh well, it's not even fully undone yet. I'm so dreading it. I hope I get it done today, but I doubt it. I still have all those k2tog to undo while separating it back onto the 2 separate needles so that I can undo the one side by one row. Did I mention that it's 240 stitches around....

Remind me why I decided I must knit a very large sweater for a man who doesn't wear knits.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is it winter yet?

I know, you can smack me for saying it if you want to, but really, it seems like summer is completely over, and fall only lasts a week around here, so that means winter will be here before I can blink.

I'm trying to convince myself that it won't be so bad, by thinking of all the comforting things I like to do in winter. For example, this year we have a fireplace. I betcha sitting in front of the fireplace knitting with a hot chocolate will be positively delightful. Annnd, I'm pretty sure this new house actually has insulation in the walls, so hopefully we can afford to keep the house at a nice balmy 69 instead of the 63 we were keeping the old rental place at (65 if it got the point where I couldn't move my hands to knit...67 if we really felt like splurging for an evening, but boy did we pay for stuffing $20 out the window every 10 minutes or so!) So, now if just sprang into my head that I should have knit myself some fingerless gloves (which I was planning on, but never got around to it) , I'm not sure if I'll need the fingerless gloves. Hmmm, maybe just plain old mittens for OUTSIDE, not inside :-)My sweetums turned 38 yesterday. Happy Birthday Harold! (That's a scuba diver on the ice cream cake...what was I thinking...rubbing it in that we haven't got in the water a single time this summer! Grrrr...think Debbie..think! He was very happy anyways...he's good like that :-)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A new home for old yarn....but hubby will still get his socks

OK. So today September 13-08, over a year after I started them. I pulled these (ravelry link) out and started knitting again...

...mostly because I was washing a gauge swatch for H's sweater and had nothing else on the needles....that's right...nothing...not one other project...although I could have taken the time to seam the baby kimono that I finished earlier in the week...I didn't.

I trying to cast on a few other things...but in the end, the socks for H are what I'm working on .... I don't like working on them anymore.. I realize that I prefer working with more natural fibers on smaller needles now...hmmm apparently this was not the case before... now..these will be finished, simply so that they are finished.

What am I going to do with all that acrylic yarn that I stashed in the early days?
Well, at knit night on Thursday I asked a few ladies what they thought about doing some knitting for others, we figured if we go for blankets then we know everyone will be at a skill level that they can feel comfortable with the projects, and if we do it in squares then it's not to overwhelming for anyone.

So, I think next night night I'm digging out my box of odd balls of yarn and old afghan acrylic that I don't want for anything and everyone can grab whatever they fancy and knit away. Any old pattern block they choose. Maybe we'll have another night for sewing them all together (because that is not my favourite part :-) I looked up a couple of places that accepts knit donations in our city, I think we decided on one. Woo hoo, we're hoping to have some things to send on time for Christmas.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Drops 95-9 in brown silk

I just realized that I hadn't even blogged this top yet! Well, I think that's because I was hoping to get a picture where I was actually wearing makeup and had not just slept on my hair :P

But whatever, here it is. I've actually worn it several times (and even got some compliments). Harold says it might be his favourite of the things I've knit.It is growing though, which has me a wee bit worried. It's longer now that it was in this picture...but ooohhh soooo comfortable. It's like wearing pyjamas...but it looks more decent in public :-) If I was to knit this again I would go down a needle size...and I was sort of wondering about that as I was knitting, but to be perfectly honest I was just too darned lazy to do anything about it, and well, the result is still pretty pleasing to no harm done.

I'm almost done a little baby kimono, then I think I'll finally cast on for H's sweater, which I was going to do immediately after I got the yarn in the mail...funny...I'm pretty sure I ordered that around March or April...but it's still sitting in a box :-)