Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is it winter yet?

I know, you can smack me for saying it if you want to, but really, it seems like summer is completely over, and fall only lasts a week around here, so that means winter will be here before I can blink.

I'm trying to convince myself that it won't be so bad, by thinking of all the comforting things I like to do in winter. For example, this year we have a fireplace. I betcha sitting in front of the fireplace knitting with a hot chocolate will be positively delightful. Annnd, I'm pretty sure this new house actually has insulation in the walls, so hopefully we can afford to keep the house at a nice balmy 69 instead of the 63 we were keeping the old rental place at (65 if it got the point where I couldn't move my hands to knit...67 if we really felt like splurging for an evening, but boy did we pay for stuffing $20 out the window every 10 minutes or so!) So, now if just sprang into my head that I should have knit myself some fingerless gloves (which I was planning on, but never got around to it) , I'm not sure if I'll need the fingerless gloves. Hmmm, maybe just plain old mittens for OUTSIDE, not inside :-)My sweetums turned 38 yesterday. Happy Birthday Harold! (That's a scuba diver on the ice cream cake...what was I thinking...rubbing it in that we haven't got in the water a single time this summer! Grrrr...think Debbie..think! He was very happy anyways...he's good like that :-)


cinnamongirl93 said...

Alright, let's not hurry up for winter! Sitting by the fire does sound good. Hot chocolate. Mmm. Wait it's still fall! Here it was 80 today. It has the heat of summer but the feel of fall.

Happy Birthday to your hubby!

Jennifer said...

Hey, watch that mouth! Some of us do have fall. Your welcome to come south and check it out.

Happy Birthday Harold! You may not of gotten to dive but you did get a new house, furniture, and lovely food from the garden. Here's to a year of lots more new stuff. And I hope that diving is included this year. :)

Wool Winder said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! Next summer you two will go diving--something to look forward to and to get you through the winter.