Friday, March 21, 2008

Celebrate Spring!

Guess what!

There's a contest happening! Which really excites me, because I've always read about contests, and knit alongs and swaps, and all manner of such things about...oh...a year or so after they have happened. So, imagine my excitement! Thank you Cinnamongirl! I finally feel like one of the cool kids LOLOL!

Anyways you can read about the whole thing over on Cinnamongirl's blog site Happy Handwork. The grand prize is two skeins Malabrigo worsted weight yarn in the colour way velvet grapes. What a great prize! It looks seems I'm the only one who hasn't knit with this yarn yet. To be quite honest. I've never seen it up close. I don't know if it's carried in any of the local yarn shops here. I've certainly never stumbled across it.

Here is a little paragraph from her blog site...but really...check it our yourself :-D

So here are the rules. You can only enter one time. If you mention my contest on your blog with a link you will receive an extra 3 entries! If one of your friends enters because of your input you will get one extra entry. And lastly, just for fun, make sure to mention in your post one of your favorite flowers.
You'll have to visit her to find out all the rest of the deadlines etc. etc....I'm tricky aren't I... :-) Not really, I know. the favourite flower...always the daisy. The plain daisy (I think it's the shasta daisy?) The one I would sometimes find just growing wild by the side of the road when I was a child. Not all the fancy ones of today, I have nothing against those, but they're just another flower to me. My favourite is the old fashioned daisy.

I wanted a wedding bouquet full of daisies. We were is Cuba. Apparently there are no daisies in Cuba I got something resembling purple daisies in amongst some peach roses...still beautiful and satified my need for daisies in my bouquet. A close runner up is the brown eyed susan.

Here is the mohair shawl, I've not been doing much knitting, only a row here and a row there, so no real sit down and knit sessions. That's what I really need, a few good sit down and knit sessions.

It snowed yesterday , and we're supposed to get more coming in the next few weeks. It's not spring for us yet. I'm still thinking of my garden though. Here's a few pics of hubby playing with icicles in the back yard....heheeh, actually, he's shoveling snow away from the foundation of the house and knocking down the montrous 7 foot icicles that seemed to grow almost overnight. sure does look like he had fun doesn't it. No, I wasn't much help. Yes, I did stay inside. Yes, I was in fact so lazy that I actually took these pictures right through the screen in the kitchen window. BUT. Yes, I did make him a nice hot chocolate when he was all done :-D And I cooked him dinner....he considered us ...I do too :-)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wow...It's March!

Ok, so apparently time is slipping away from me faster than I realized it. I can't believe it's almost the middle of March already. I was doing so well there for a while. I haven't done much knitting lately, just a row here and a row there.We were completely snowed in on Saturday so I didn't get to go spinning. :-( I did get all my carding finished though, so this Saturday hopefully I will get this big bag of batt all spun yeah! Here is a pic of the former coat of a lovely sheep named "Petunia"

And here is what still sits in my front yard, from Saturdays snowfall. It's Tuesday now and it's warmed up considerably if that gives you any indication of just what kind of snowfall I'm talking about here :-) It was a doozy.... we actually couldn't see the neighbours car at all...ha! I only wish I had taken pictures day of....the snowbanks were taller than I am!So, I've decided to plant a garden....obviously not right now (see above picture) but...I think I'll somewhat follow the square foot method, I was looking gardening things up online and stumbled across it on a forum, so I checked out the website, and it looks like the right method for me. Anyways, I got the book out of the library, but of course the new one is on hold, and I'm #3 out of 4 got the old one....I imagine the basic concepts are the same. I'm concentration on this tonight because my best friend finished her last day of work today and I'm super super sad about that. I'm very happy for her, she is a totally fabulous person I just love her, but I'm going to miss her soooo sooo much it just makes me sick. So, now I'm going to go read about gardening, maybe knit, maybe look at knitting online, maybe look at seeds online...who knows...gardening, knitting, seeds...yarn, hot chocolate...hmmmmm