Friday, February 29, 2008

In....just under the wire

I finished this at about 20 to 12..but since it's not midnight yet it's technically a February finished object. Annnnnnd, it means that I get to start the beaded shawl tomorrow. I'm very excited for this!

Here's my hubby, graciously modeling his new hat at 11:45 pm on a Friday night...we're party animals you know. hehehe

I asked him to do something cute and funny for the picture...and this is what he gave me. I don't know about his theatrical skills, but he sure is cute. (albeit scruffy today...but I like that ha!)
He says he loves the hat. This makes me very happy.

Spinning is SO fun!

Soooo, here's my very first handspun....I took these pics very late one night, and the flash turned the white wool...well, white, so I took the flash off.

It's not really a pretty skein of wool, actually, it's really messed up, but it's mine, and I tell ya, I couldn't be prouder of it. I was so happy, it was like someone just gave me a puppy or something!
There here's a little small half sized one. Kassy wanted me to try this stuff out, just for the sake of trying different things. I found spinning easier, but I think I was just getting more used to it. I did not like this stuff, but I forget what it was called, the white stuff above is from Romni sheep (or something like that...I don't know sheep types) this is something different...with guard hairs....s.c.r.a.t.c.h.y! It reminded me more of horse hair.
Here's my two first a nice affectionate embrace. See, they know they'll always have a special place in my heart :-)
They sat quietly while a sadly inept photographer snapped pictures ...including this one slightly more close up

So, Last week Kassy sent me home with this.
That Kassy, she giggled with delight as she told me I'd better keep it in the back of the truck due to the smell. I've tried my best to follow the instuction given for washing. But really, it doesn't look much prettier. I assure you, it DOES smell better, but it still looks kinda ugg. I hope she's not disappointed in my progress. Hmmm, after looking at the picture again, it does look better, but certainly not all white and fleecy or anything...we'll see what she says tomorrow. :-) I'm learning carding, and some time dying, and then who knows what else!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Eww..What a day...what a far..what a year... I've got lot's to tell you....and some pictures too....some from my spinning lessons...which are truly a joy lately...I so much look forward to them (even though I've just had two). Anyways...I'll have to do all that later. Hopefully this weekend. I'm around honest. And even online for little bits....just enough to read a bit...but not much time to write. I'm feeling I'm going to bed to knit...and sleep....tomorrow is another day right.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Here's my hat

It's sadly true. The tassle is undeniably too huge. Oh well, I'll wear it for a day (for the principle of it) and then somehow figure out how to reduce the tassle size by about half. I don't even want to think about how I'm going to go about that. Do I just cut half of it out...or actually take the whole darned thing apart. Gosh it's huge...I don't want to remove it from the hat's so well stuck on there :-) Anyways, my sweetums is right. I do look truly goofy with this hat on....why oh why is he always right. I guess it doesn't matter, because I will probably wear it anyways...just cuz I can. I can look goofy if I wanna! ha! Just wait till he gets his hat....I've got about 3 1/2 inches done...have to go till about 8 and then start the one does take a lot less effort. I'm still reeling over the fact that I actually finished that hat...and it's not July...I finished that hat in less than a month! This is a knitting miracle...a true knitting miracle.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

So close, I can STILL already feel the warmth

I'm finished the main part of the knitting. Now I'm just doing the applied I-cord. Good thing that there's been applied i-cord talk (and Eli Manning..ha! Go Eli!), and tutorial over on Mason-Dixon knitting lately...or I might never have figured any of this out...or at the very least I would have thought that nice lady who wrote my hat pattern had gone totally off her rocker!
So, I'm going to go keep working on the edging while my poor hardworking husband continues to bail out our basement, because it is once again filling with water.

And no...the landlords don't give a stitch about it...or the shingles that have been ripped off the roof, or the squirrels in our walls and ceilings that I'm sure are gnawing through all the ancient electrical or the dryer vent cap that is completely broken off, or the hole that actually goes directly from inside the house to outside the house in the basement, blocked only by the little bit of plastic siding covering it and the rags that I've stuff in the hole, or the leak that came down THROUGH the light fixture and into my kitchen sink, and when we first moved in it took me 3 months to convince them that there was a gas leak.

Finally one day, a Friday evening actually in February, when we were having people over for dinner it got so bad that I was calling about it again, I think she got tired and just wanted to shut me up so she sent the gas company out (she really did think I was nuts because she couldn't smell the gas at all..I think that's because she smelled like a rather heavy smoker and probably didn't have all that keen a sense of smell).

So the gas guy came out..and told me I wasn't insane, and we had two leaks, and he was very apologetic when he told me he would have to lock our gas until it could be repaired. He seemed like he was expecting me to yell at him or get angry because it was a Friday night in February, but I was just so happy that someone finally believed me I didn't care at all! Have I mentioned that our house is actually owned by the hospital next door....funny huh.'s my unplanned little rant..ha! I'm going to go knit now :-) Notice that my i-cord is rolling up on the front of the's looking great on the ear flaps, but really rolling up on the front and back where I'm incorporating the live stitches...I'm hoping that this will block out flat. I was unsure of whether I should be going down a needle size for this or something....but I decided to keep going as I am, and just hope for a good block. Lemme know what you think...but'll probably be too late :-)

Monday, February 11, 2008

So close, I can already feel the warmth...

Here's where I am with my hat. I finished one of the ear flaps. knitting back and forth is much tighter (now I wish I'd gone down a needle size like I considered...but I have the right number of stitches per whatever), and neater looking that the stuff done in the round...but the colour work around the edges is all messed up. It's knit right (meaning that it correctly follows the chart) but my stitches look all funny...especially the last stitch of brown in the row. Oh well, I'm hoping it will all come together in the end. I don't think I'll have too much yarn left over though...I'm actually wondering if I'll have to order another ball to get a decent sized pom-pom for the top...not that I would really mind having to order more of this stuff...but...I will be disappointed if I have to wait to be "really done".

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the progress on my first colourwork project. I can't wait till it's finished...and even if it turns out to look ridiculous on me...I'm wearing it! And I will be proud!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

A rather productive day

And finally there are buttons. I've got it all packed up to go to it's new home tomorrow. And....I've only got 4 rows to go on the second set of skiers for my hat...then it's just one more patterned section and the earflaps.

I'm not sure if it's the "only knit one thing at a time and maybe you'll actually finish something" rule that I've inflicted on myself (at least for awhile anyways), that's made me feel more productive...or if it's the audiobooks and the fact that I've totally been bitten again with that knitting's all I think about...even at work all I want to do it knit!

Wow...three posts in one day....what's wrong with me....

Ahoy! Check out me plunder!...and another poll...

Hmmm, Perhaps I should download that pirates book. Since I seem incapable of going yarn/craft shopping without referring to everything purchased as plunder.

Yes. I finally went shopping. I had my list. I needed some hat yarn for sweetums :-) and a circular needle for Jane's shawl. I had trouble finding what I wanted for the hat. This is what I came up with, Lion Brand Cotton Ease. I've never used it before, and it's not the right gauge for the I'm probably doomed...but let's see if I can pull it off anyways, shall we?
I needed buttons (FINALLY BUTTONS!!!) for my niece's sweater. It's now an entire month late for her birthday....ugg! But, it's still a bit big for her anyways. It was seriously slim pickins for the buttons at Michaels, but much to my surprise they had these, which are almost exactly what I was seeing in my head, although a bit bigger. They are NOT sewn on yet... actually, they are still attached to the cardboard. I just poked them through the buttonholes so I could take a picture . Next on the list was the beads for Jane's shawl. That was a bit tough , there was a lady in the aisle with 4 very loud children. Harold asked me if he was allowed to change his mind about eventually having a couple of our own...I said no. Anyways, we had to go to the other side of the store...(I decided to go get the yarn first..because the child sounds were just too much for me)...but we could hear them all the way from across the store. The mom was really trying hard to control them it seemed, but with 4! And it was really the little one making all the noise ...maybe a yearish really, what could she do? Nonetheless, I had to leave the aisle :-)So anyways, obviously from the picture you can see that I later came back to the aisle, note that during this whole adventure, Harold is standing (and walking) while reading a book in the store, because this is just too painful for him. I found these glass beads. It was difficult to tell which ones would have a wide enough centre to string onto the DK weight yarn without binding it my options were pretty limited. I came home and immediately tried to string a few on. Phew! It worked!Now for the poll:

Question #1 - Do I use all of the bead colours? Or just the blue ones? Or use a few of the colours only? What do you think? Really.

Here are some pictures to help you decide:

All bead colours randomly distributed (I won't be able to control distribution other than to consistently string in the same sequence..Sooo Question #2 . If using all colours, should I consistently string in the same colour order (eg. red blue green, red blue green, red blue green)...or just be totally random?

Only blue beads - There are actually 2 different blues, one slightly darker than the other (not seen in this photo)

Some more bead shots to help you decide on colours (all opinions are very very welcome...I'm so indecisive :-pAnd here's just the blue...notice in this pic, you can see the two different blues, they're very close. I actually didn't notice at first.
Oh, by the way the pattern I decided on is Mohair Tiger Pattern. She said that she needed about 140 beads for the size that she made. I have tonnes if I use all colours, or exactly 142 if I use just the blue ones. I have no idea how big her finished shawl was, so I don't know if 142 will be enough for me or not....I supposed I could go back to Michaels and see if they have one more package of the beads just to be safe...but...I probably won't get around to it...(Ha! but they did have at least one or two of them left when I was there today. I await your votes:

Question #1 - multicolour, a few colours (and which ones specifically), or all blue?

Question #2 - If you chose multicolour, should the beads be strung in a uniform order...or just grab and string randomly?

I await your responses :-) Here's to hoping someone stops by and actually reads my questions :-)

Now I'm off to sew on buttons...and maybe ....if I'm lucky....listen to a little audiobook and work a little bit on my hat.

Have a great weekend!

How exciting!

Well, I haven't got any new knitting done....I haven't even listened to my audiobook. But! I did make some new beaded necklaces with my wonderful sister-in-law last night. And today I'm going to Michaels to pick up some beads for a knit garter stitch beaded shawl.....and some new yarn for a had for hubby, and some new knitting needles...and then guess what...

GUESS ...really GUESS!

I'm popping into the Wagon Shed to see about taking a spinning class! Oh...I'm so excited...I just hope she's still open by the time I get there.....I'm dragging poor sweetums with me...and he's just now having a shower....and I was supposed to stop by between 1 and 4pm.....I was planning on closer to 1pm....but...for some reason I felt like subjecting the poor guy to my crafty travels, and he's sweet enough to agree to come with me. Isn't he sweet. :-)

Monday, February 04, 2008

Now what to read (listen to)?

Well, I finished listening to the third book tonight. I just wish there would have been a wedding scene, how fun would that have been! Anyways, I'm a little further along on the hat. I'm just a few rows into the second set of skiers. And I just now noticed that I took a picture of the bad side...the part where round 1 becomes round can see my earring down at the bottom marking the first stitch...oh well....the other side is nicer...honest :-)Sorry both pictures are so crappy, the 11:30 pm photo update just doesn't provide much in the way of good lighting...Off to bed.....maybe I can dream up a fantabulous wedding scene..... :-)