Saturday, February 09, 2008

How exciting!

Well, I haven't got any new knitting done....I haven't even listened to my audiobook. But! I did make some new beaded necklaces with my wonderful sister-in-law last night. And today I'm going to Michaels to pick up some beads for a knit garter stitch beaded shawl.....and some new yarn for a had for hubby, and some new knitting needles...and then guess what...

GUESS ...really GUESS!

I'm popping into the Wagon Shed to see about taking a spinning class! Oh...I'm so excited...I just hope she's still open by the time I get there.....I'm dragging poor sweetums with me...and he's just now having a shower....and I was supposed to stop by between 1 and 4pm.....I was planning on closer to 1pm....but...for some reason I felt like subjecting the poor guy to my crafty travels, and he's sweet enough to agree to come with me. Isn't he sweet. :-)

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