Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post Number 100!

Betcha it took me waaaay longer than it took Jen :-)

I don't usually post card pictures...but these ones I'm really happy with. They are made using tutorials from Michelle . Seriously..even I can make nice cards following her instructions...so nice of her to help us all don't you think! The one with the flower is supposed to be a leaf floating in water...I don't have a leaf so I used a flower..I still like it :-)
Here's the baby surprise jacket I finished knitting on vacation, I haven't seamed it up yet, or added buttons. I'm sure I get around to that eventually :-)
..but for now..it's much more fun to just keep right on knitting, I'm working on a baby kimono now...and I'm loving it. I really like this cotton, and the colour striping was going so nicely...no pooling even...but then...wait for it....yep...when I started increasing it messed up the colour sequences so there is now pooling in the back of the arms...especially noticeable is the cream coloured patch at the back of the neck...doh! and I was so happy with how it was coming along up until that point....
So, here's a question, what does everyone else do when that happens? I just keep right on knitting an pretend that it's not there...but I'll always see it...oh yes...I will. Do you fix it in some way that I don't know about...are you all very clever..if so...let me know please...there are a lot of babies on the way, and this is a pretty quick and fun knit..so help me ....heeelp meeeeeee!

Ok, must calm down...awww yes...the Muskoka chairs from vacation..remembering reading and relaxing and drinking coffee on the deck...
Oh...and another favourite spot...the hammock...nice for naps..although...a bit of a mosquito buffet if you go there too early in the morning...eek!
Now, I'm off to go soak in a bubble bath, and read my book :-) Goodnight all!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back from the cottage

I always love going on road trips with Harold. It reminds me of dating him again (hehe). We spent so much time in the truck going to dive sites when we were first together, but not as much in the last year. I think one of my happiest places on earth is in the truck, on the road, doing some knitting while we head off on some trip that will involve hours and hours of driving. This time there was no diving involved...not that we didn't try....but the drive was still fun.We met up with some of the family at Webers on the way. It's a hamburger place on Hwy 11 that they've always stopped at. I hadn't been there until last summer. This year it gave me horrible stomach pain...ugg..I was in pain by the time we got back to the truck....

Strangely enough, when we stopped at a grocery store to pick up some Tums, I found the book I'd been wanting to read..but hadn't managed to get ahold of before we left. It was their last copy...I grabbed it...and some Tums!There was a whole lot of book reading this week. It was great. I also did a lot of swimming, and napping :-) and even some knitting (I can't seem to upload any more photos...so I'll post them later)

Only one campfire the whole week! But it was nice...and I ate some marshmallows :-)
I went for a little canoe around an island and back with Harold. This actually isn't us in the picture....if you notice...most of the pictures with me in them involve me looking rather goofy because I'm trying to hold the camera and take a picture with me in it...That's because I'm the only one who takes billions of pictures...so I usually have lots of pictures of everyone else's fun..but very few pictures of my own! This is Harold's brother, sister in law and neice...I thought I'd just throw it in there...because you really can't tell the difference :-)
By the end of the week, I missed our home soooo much. Today, I'm glad to have had the week with family...but I'm so glad to be at home again. It was a nice trip away.. and ...I have tomorrow off!

pdf sharing...easy!

Well, we just got back from vacation and I have lot's to share :-) I even did some knitting...but mostly reading...

anyways...I just thought I'd share something completely unrelated first. I had a comment come through on the post where I gave my Grandma Telford's slipper pattern, about posting a pdf version. (I didn't publish the comment because it had an email address in it). So, after contacting the commenter...she told me about box.net . You can sign up for a free lite account and upload your files, then just paste a link to them in your blog. Woo hoo! Finally...an actual pdf file, and it was so easy I did it in less than 5 minutes. Thanks Karen!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Happy almost Vacation!

I'm off next week, we're going up north to a cottage...I can't wait! The whole family is going, (well Harold's whole family).

I've finally finished my brown silk top (no pics yet...silly camera batteries are dead! Must buy more batteries before vacation!), and I'm working on a baby surprise jacket and that is it!!! You know what that means! I get to cast on something new! I'm so excited I really can't narrow down the choices! hehe

I'm thinking...my lacy little top, or a baby kimono, or a tomten jacket, or harold's sweater, or buy a big long circular needle and try to figure out magic loop with some new sock yarn, or a few fun washclothes one of the kit's of baby girl or baby boy sweaters or the tank top that I got at mary maxim. Hmmmm...

any votes?

Monday, August 04, 2008

I've actually finished something

This is another girl guess for my friends who are having a baby in December, and waiting to find out the sex. Both patterns are from a little booklet I picked up in the grocery store a year or so ago. The hat is "Faux fair isle hat" from Lesley Edmondson, and the booties are "Mary Jane Booties" from Lucie Sinkler. They are both very easy and quick patterns.

Lamby was pleased to model them for you :-) She is not part of the gift....oh no....I could never give her up....she is mine :P