Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back from the cottage

I always love going on road trips with Harold. It reminds me of dating him again (hehe). We spent so much time in the truck going to dive sites when we were first together, but not as much in the last year. I think one of my happiest places on earth is in the truck, on the road, doing some knitting while we head off on some trip that will involve hours and hours of driving. This time there was no diving involved...not that we didn't try....but the drive was still fun.We met up with some of the family at Webers on the way. It's a hamburger place on Hwy 11 that they've always stopped at. I hadn't been there until last summer. This year it gave me horrible stomach pain...ugg..I was in pain by the time we got back to the truck....

Strangely enough, when we stopped at a grocery store to pick up some Tums, I found the book I'd been wanting to read..but hadn't managed to get ahold of before we left. It was their last copy...I grabbed it...and some Tums!There was a whole lot of book reading this week. It was great. I also did a lot of swimming, and napping :-) and even some knitting (I can't seem to upload any more I'll post them later)

Only one campfire the whole week! But it was nice...and I ate some marshmallows :-)
I went for a little canoe around an island and back with Harold. This actually isn't us in the picture....if you notice...most of the pictures with me in them involve me looking rather goofy because I'm trying to hold the camera and take a picture with me in it...That's because I'm the only one who takes billions of I usually have lots of pictures of everyone else's fun..but very few pictures of my own! This is Harold's brother, sister in law and neice...I thought I'd just throw it in there...because you really can't tell the difference :-)
By the end of the week, I missed our home soooo much. Today, I'm glad to have had the week with family...but I'm so glad to be at home again. It was a nice trip away.. and ...I have tomorrow off!


leah said...

Sounds like a lovely trip!

Jennifer said...

I just left you a million messages on ravlery. :) The trip looks lovely. And how cool that you found BD on your way out of town. Too bad the burger made you sick. maybe it's your gall bladder. But I'm an accountant not a doctor so don't take my comments seriously. I know nothing. :)

cinnamongirl93 said...

What a great trip! I too love and adore road trips. It's one of my all time favorite ways to travel. Like you, the longer the better.
Nice pictures too!

Wool Winder said...

What a beautiful spot for a vacation!