Thursday, December 17, 2015

Primed VBAC Childbirth Prep - Post 4



I just finished watching the hormones video.  It's funny when things make sense years later.   I already knew a bit about the hormones involved, but nothing about catecholamine involvement, and the effect that can have.   It's just...hmmm...something that makes me think back.   And realizing how bad the environment in that room was, all around...just bad. bad, bad, bad.   

Lol...  who knew I'd be taking a trip down memory lane!?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Primed VBAC Childbirth Prep - Post 3

Section 1:  Informed

Labor 3: Transition, Pushing, Birth

What I got the most out of this video is the pushing instruction.  It's honestly so very different than what I've had before, and after taking the Core Foundations course, I knew it would be, and I was really looking forward to getting to this.

I've had two vaginal births.   One went horribly, one went beautifully.   After BOTH, I looked like I'd been strangled.   I had little broken capillaries all over my face, my eyelids especially, all down my neck, even onto my chest.   I literally burst all my bubbles when pushing.   I know I was holding my breath, but...I was told to do it that way.  I don't think that I would have been capable of doing it any other way without prior instruction, but now I know.   And I really hope to push differently this time.

Being told the real deal about transition.  Being told the real deal about all the less than glamorous stuff.  Being told the truth about how beautiful, and also how hard, and sometimes scary, and really, really physical this all is....and....  some of it is just downright gross.   Karli hasn't said that, she has more tact than me :)  but I just did.  Some of it is gross.  There. 

I'm really appreciating all the TRUTH I'm feeling coming from this course.   Perhaps it's because of my first childbirth experience.  Maybe I was told the truth then too, and was just in lala land and couldn't see it? Maybe?  but what a rude awakening and traumatic experience I had.     I'm going into this all with a sort of apprehensive "maybe I can do this"  feeling.    This is encouraging me to have a little more confidence, not through a "you can do this!  no problem!" sort of instruction, but rather a "this is going to be hard, this is going to be physical, this is going to be an intense marathon, but you can still do it" sort of instruction.    

Truth, AND encouragement.  

I'm really loving this class.  Karli is delightful, and I feel like I've got a close friend telling me the truth over coffee.   What do you think the chances are that she'd like to come to Canada and be at this baby's birth with me?  Ha!

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Primed VBAC Childbirth Prep - Post 2

I had a few notes that were really from before post 1.   The first thing I noticed when I started the course was that the whole layout is beautiful! 

Here's what I had written back then... 19 days ago...when I actually started:

The whole layout is beautiful!  And clear, it's very easy to see the whole overview of what's going to happen.  

I'm in the first section, and I LOVE that the videos are broken into several shorter videos and not one huge long one....I never seem to find time to watch one huge long video, but when they're under 10 minutes it's just so freeing to be able to watch one when I have a few minutes...and even watch it a second time and be able to find the right spot.
Also...I had no idea only about 8 percent of people try for a VBAC! 

LOVE that I can take a course and don't have to leave my house!  It's hard to coordinate childcare and time out, etc. This is so fabulous!

Now I'm back up to speed.  Tonight I watched:

Section 1:  Informed

Labor 2:  Active Labor

It's funny, on my laptop when I'm watching these videos, my screen shows the title of the video on the left, with a circle under the title that looks like a "play" button to me.   It's not, it's just an image, but every time...EVERY TIME even now that I know, I click that image two or three times before I go "riiiiight"   and move over to the play button on the actual video on the right of the screen.  Ha!  You'd think I'd adjust, but nope.

Ok, once again, I love Karli.   Here are a couple of things that I love.  She's real... she says things that I believe.  This will be tough, this will be intense, and I love that she talked about how our mood will change and everything that will go along with that.   

She mentioned changing the energy a few times, and for me, as soon as someone starts talking about energy I halfway tuning out. Ha...  that's my own thing.   I took it as changing the positions...  changing what you're doing...changing your method/approach, etc.   Makes sense!

Loved the memory about someone she was with changing it up, and going for a walk in the snow, and also her protrayal of that, was that it was HARD, but that hard was GOOD, because that's how we get closer to having a baby!

I don't know about you....but.... before my first labour, I read a lot, and I prepared a lot, and I got my hands on everything I could, and I have to say, after I finally had my sweet baby girl in my arms.  I felt tricked!  I felt lied to!  I can also tell you that I took my "Bradley Method" childbirth book, and I threw it across a room into a wall.... likely several times... LIES!  LIES I TELL YA! 

This is real.  I've been through 2 labours, the first I went 15 hours before getting the epidural, the second, was an induction from the very beginning, and the whole thing was 9 hours.  I think I went 3 hours before getting the epidural, not because I was past what I could handle, but because I had such FEAR of experiencing what I did the first time.  Both babies were posterior, and I had back labour both times.  My third baby was a c-section because she was breech.   Who knows what #4 will bring.  I just know, there is a 99.9% chance that it will be an induction.   Hopefully ending in a VBAC and not another c-section.   We shall about 10 weeks!  

I have to get moving!  10 weeks left, and I have this course to go through, and I want to start the prenatal core right after.  

Exciting days ahead.   As I watched the video tonight my little man was kicking up a storm, head down, feet up....  stay that way!  

Monday, December 07, 2015

Primed VBAC Childbirth Prep - Post 1

So, I can't believe I'm on day 18 of my access!  WHAT!     Things have not been super happy in the Robson house.   The kids are getting ready to say goodbye to Grandpa, Harold is preparing to say goodbye to his dad.  His always present, constant, wonderful dad.   Things have not been normal around here.

So...I started, and haven't continued, but.....  time keeps moving forward....since I have to deliver around 37 weeks, I only have about 10 or 11 weeks left of this pregnancy.  That's a little sad, but also a lot exciting.  I can't wait to meet our little man, but I'm also really conscious of the fact that this is the last time I'm going to feel those little kicks and wiggles, and all the awesomeness of pregnancy. 

The VBAC course!

I think the first thing I noticed about this course is the "instructor".  That's in quotes, because it feels more like I'm having coffee with a friend.   Really, I don't think I'll watch anymore videos without a coffee in hand (half decaf with double cream if you're wondering).   She's so pleasant, she's full of information, yet, it doesn't feel at all like a typical instructional video where someone is reading scripted rehearsed points to you.   Honestly...this is just lovely. 

I just finished watching the "Early Labor" video (do you know how hard it was for me to type labor, instead of labour...but I wanted to properly quote the title....)    Love the tips about how to know if it's really show time go time, or if it's going to be come and go.    Hydrate...don't exhaust yourself....alternate activities....  don't cancel that dinner date/movie/bbq.      Yes, I'm on my 4th baby, but I've never gone into labour naturally, so I really don't have a clue.    Honestly, I likely won't get to go into labour naturally this time either, what are the chances that would happen before 37 weeks?!  Ruby was 42 full weeks and still didn't want to budge.   Hey, a girl can dream though right....HAHAHA!  Who dreams of going into labour!!!  Ha!  

Ok, so... another point I just have to mention. The videos....they're short.    Yes...short.  So far all under 10 minutes.   Can I just express my gratitude about this.  There is no way that I would find time for a bunch of 40 minute videos, maybe a couple, but not one after another... but 5 different short videos..  3 minutes, 8 minutes, 9 minutes. 10 minutes... that I can do.  I see a 19 minute video coming up, but I'm sure during nap time I can manage the 20 minute one....hopefully even tomorrow!

Ok, So far I've watched:

Under the "Informed" section:
- Welcome to Primed VBAC
- Intro to Labor
- Labor 1: Early Labor  (oops....typed a "u" there and had to backspace again)

See...I'm behind...but I will catch up!   I'm going to start the Prenatal Core Course right after this, and I can't wait.

My goal is to watch "Labor 2: Active Labor"  and perhaps even "Labor 3: Transition, Pushing, Birth" tomorrow.