Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Primed VBAC Childbirth Prep - Post 3

Section 1:  Informed

Labor 3: Transition, Pushing, Birth

What I got the most out of this video is the pushing instruction.  It's honestly so very different than what I've had before, and after taking the Core Foundations course, I knew it would be, and I was really looking forward to getting to this.

I've had two vaginal births.   One went horribly, one went beautifully.   After BOTH, I looked like I'd been strangled.   I had little broken capillaries all over my face, my eyelids especially, all down my neck, even onto my chest.   I literally burst all my bubbles when pushing.   I know I was holding my breath, but...I was told to do it that way.  I don't think that I would have been capable of doing it any other way without prior instruction, but now I know.   And I really hope to push differently this time.

Being told the real deal about transition.  Being told the real deal about all the less than glamorous stuff.  Being told the truth about how beautiful, and also how hard, and sometimes scary, and really, really physical this all is....and....  some of it is just downright gross.   Karli hasn't said that, she has more tact than me :)  but I just did.  Some of it is gross.  There. 

I'm really appreciating all the TRUTH I'm feeling coming from this course.   Perhaps it's because of my first childbirth experience.  Maybe I was told the truth then too, and was just in lala land and couldn't see it? Maybe?  but what a rude awakening and traumatic experience I had.     I'm going into this all with a sort of apprehensive "maybe I can do this"  feeling.    This is encouraging me to have a little more confidence, not through a "you can do this!  no problem!" sort of instruction, but rather a "this is going to be hard, this is going to be physical, this is going to be an intense marathon, but you can still do it" sort of instruction.    

Truth, AND encouragement.  

I'm really loving this class.  Karli is delightful, and I feel like I've got a close friend telling me the truth over coffee.   What do you think the chances are that she'd like to come to Canada and be at this baby's birth with me?  Ha!

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