Saturday, July 31, 2010

A walk in the park…well..ok..not the park..but on the path…

Miss Wiggles got to go for a walk with her boyfriend on the path yesterday!  Awww look how sweet they are….


And of course…mommies got to hang out too! 


Friday, July 30, 2010

Precious Sleep

Miss Wiggles usually sleeps an 8 hour stretch these days (not always)….and living up to her nickname she’s able to completely wiggle her arms out of the swaddle now…this is how she looked at 5am….but the picture is the repeat from 7:30…I don’t do 5am pictures! 002Big yawn!…bad photographer ;-P   check out the stylin onsie from Mrs.Bray!003

Thursday, July 29, 2010

More visiting

After my info session on campus yesterday it was close to Miss Wiggles food time, so we stopped by Auntie Nica’s office for a visit.  Turns out Miss Wiggles had other ideas…she had decided yesterday was all about nap time…  she just didn’t want to wake up…not even to eat!005  She did eat her lunch…but was basically passed out the entire time she was eating…and stayed asleep after….


This is the most awake she looked the entire time…she looks like she’s going to cry..but really she’s just wiggling into a comfy position on Auntie Nica’s lap.

Ewwww, but kinda cool

So, Sorry did I trick you…were you expecting a cute baby picture?  Don’t worry…I still have one of those to come..but could I resist posting this!  H’s brother Steve walked back into the living room the other day like this!   (it’s just the “shells” the actual bugs are gone).  He sent his wife and daughter screaming and running out of the room…  I’m weird though apparently,  because I just grabbed the camera.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A visit with Auntie Jody

We went out yesterday!  For the first time in the car together all by ourselves without Daddy.  Miss Wiggles was fine, Mommy was nervous ;-).  This is a picture from our visit with Auntie Jody.  It was a really nice time out.  And now we’re officially mobile!  That is, until we go down to just one vehicle…..

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

She smiles...and she's beautiful..

Here's a picture from almost a week ago.  After she hit 4 weeks I started wondering if once in a while that little smile was real....but the DAY she hit 5 weeks it seemed like she exploded into smiles and we knew for sure that they were real.  This is a picture from 5 weeks old. 
A real smile!  

Monday, July 26, 2010

She's Here!

She's here! She's finally here!

Actually she's been here for almost 6 weeks..but things started out pretty here's my first update!

I thought I'd attempt to post a daily (OK..maybe weekly) picture of Baby R (we didn't want to post her full name online) for friends and family to see how she's growing...
Hopefully later I'll come back and fill in the missing time gap...and some birthday pictures...but for right now..I consider this post a huge accomplishment! Hahaha! she is this morning hanging out in her bouncy chair by the window...all those toys and she usually prefers to just look at the blinds when the sun is out because they're all nice and bright I guess.

Our little sweetie with sleepy eyes