Monday, August 27, 2007

Back from vacation

As you can see by the picture....we had a lovely cottage right on the niece learned to wave while we were't she look like she's parting the cuteIt was cold the first two days we were there, and poor little one only had thin baby the first day I whipped her up a set of woolies....the whole time I was knitting them I was thinking.....these are going to be WAY to big...but....on the contrary...they barely made it onto her feet!
I had just ripped out the socks that I had started for H, they were turning out to be more my size.....apparently I failed to write down the needle size when I made socks last time.....oh well, after the baby socks I started working on his again...the first one is about to turn the heel.
Thats me and sister-in-law sitting in the chairs....I'm knitting baby socks in that picture. It was the perfect place to knit!
AND...believe it or not...I actually finished the body of my grey cardigan, oh yes...that's right....I finished it! No! Not the whole sweater...just the body...I still have to do the neckline and the sleeves, but it felt so good to finish the body that I'm now all motivated to do the rest of it again! Yeah!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Here's hedgehog!

Here is Mr.Hedgehog...right out of the washer....I actually got talking on the phone and forgot about him in there....poor neglected hedgehog...he sort of smells like a wet dog right now....hehe...silly hedgehogHis hair is more tuffy and squiggly than hairy....sort of like what happens to really really old stuffed animals......Ha! this one is pre-aged! I had to give him a little brush to pull some more of the hair out of the wooliness
No eyes or nose yet....still a faceless hedgehog...but...maybe tomorrow...maybe tomorrow ;-P

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Every little girl needs a hot pink hedgehog!

Here is mister hedgehog, sooooo close to being finished...but still a little to do at the bottom of the back....then...into the washing machine with be felted felted felted.
He looks a little hairier in the picture than he does to me here. I hope that when he comes out of the washer he will look very fuzzy....since the wool should felt but the fluffy stuff should not. I love this's so quick! I've got the fiber trends penguin pattern too....I wish I had bought the black eyelash wool when we were at Mary Maxim...but I thought it would be months before I got to it.

Nope, my sweater is no closer to being finished than it was did get the other needles that I need for the I'm on my seems I've been bitten by the knitting bug again.

Happy knitting...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

No Sheep for me!

My sweetums ordered the book "No sheep for you" from Amy R.Singer for sweet of arrived today...I had no idea how much information would be packed into it....I've just sort of flipped through...but it looks like a great resource...I'm excited!

No No...I'm not giving up sheep....but....I love knitting with cotton and silk..and the little bit that I've done in hemp....and really really want to try linen.

Nope.....still not finished my sweater...buuuut...I've started a marvelous hot pink hedgehog for my little neice....every little girl needs a hot pink hedgehog don't you think?!?!

Hedgehog pattern picture

We (I mean me and H's mummy) went to Mary Maxim last weekend for a little daytrip...I had a great time....hope mom R did too! Anyways.....we came back with enough knitting/craft project stuff to last till spring!