Wednesday, May 04, 2016

My Wardrobe Architect Journey - Weeks 2, 3 & 4

You can find the wardrobe architect blog posts here.

And I'm also using the 4 x 4 wardrobe method from here, once I go through the wardrobe architect, and figure out my style, I'll be able to put together a wardrobe perfect for me, using the 4 x 4 formula found in this blog, which is just FULL of information that you could get lost in for hours.

I forgot about blogging week 1.  Ooops....

So for week 2 I have a BAZILLION images pinned on my Pinterest board.  BUT, I think I like things based on the look it gives a much thinner person, rather than the look it gives me.   It made me realize that I want my pre-Micah body back...right now...and it's going slowly.

Week 3 did help me a lot.   I don't know why.  It really was quite simple, it will hopefully make me stop buying things that I don't like on me.    I think that helped me weed out the body image pinnings from week 2. 

In week 2, I pinned a lot of images, and I know a lot of them look great on the models, or maniquins, or just laid out in an outline, but after doing week 3, I can look at those things, and weed out the images that I know I won't like once they're on MY body.   So...I guess the two weeks really were quite helpful.

Week 4 again, has helped me see where my likes are, and again, a lot of long sleek images....doh!  I'm neither long, nor sleek.   Once again though, it's helped me see a bit more of my style.   I like things that are fitted on the bottom, or straight, and things that are looser through the middle.  Which kind of works and makes sense, since I've got a short torso, with not a whole lot of waist definition.
So like a high neck halter style tank top, that is relaxed and flowy (almost A-line) with fitted straight pants... NOT skinny jeans...because that gives that bigger hipped look and I feel like I look like a football.  Straight pants.   Skinny pants if it's with boots... but not with flats.

I realized a bunch of little things like this.   I realized I actually DO have a style.  I don't currently wear that style, but I could feel myself figuring out what it is, as I went through and chose outfits that I liked, and then looked at the shape of those outfits and figured out what I liked about them.   I also looked at outfits that I don't like, and figured out what I don't like about those.  

I have a style!   Who knew!  Now.... to actually start dressing that way.   

It's also so very helpful when choosing sewing patterns.   Don't just look at the pattern on the model!   That's what I always do, I don't know why.   It's going to be so helpful to know what shapes I like on my body, and what ones make me feel frumpy, or like an 1800's era old grouchy school teacher.

Edit:  As it turns out... blogging my way through this is a bad idea.   I can't see how my answers would be interesting to anyone, so I decided I'll just come back and post general updates... maybe...if I'm suddenly proud of something.