Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It started snowing yesterday. I really didn't think it would be snow that stayed...but when we woke up this's what we saw:Over on the left....those smooshed things are the cages for over my garden boxes...I'll be really sad it I can't bend the wire back to shape...because they were a royal pain in the sitter to make!
They were supposed to be in the garage already...but we've been cleaning and organizing, so didn't really have a place for them yet...oops
More snow
Oh, and here's where my sock is at.... it is hard to take pictures of your own feet yes/no? Anybody have a fancy nice way to do this? Anyways...I can't believe how long it's taking me to knit this sock! LOL

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things to knit...or finish knitting

Warning...most of these are Ravelry links....

  1. Socks for my secret recipient (the purple ones I'm working on now...) they're doing quite well I think. The first one is about 30 rows from finished.
  2. Seam up the baby kimono, because it is a shower gift for a's been finished for a while... just not sewn up...I'm weird
  3. Blanket square for the knit night blanket project (I have only one half done..because I decided to be fancy and do a ball band blanket square instead of plain knitting...and well honestly the sock it taking all my attention)
  4. Harold's sweater, I ripped it all out, and casted on again...but...I only have about 1 inch's lost its intrigue since I had to rip :-( poor chilly sweetums with no sweater to warm him
  5. Harold needs a new hat too...the one I made him last year has too much cotton (requested because he's bald and wanted soft)'s perfect out of the dryer...but too big after a few days :-( (Totally my fault...what gauge?
  6. Mitered mitts, just because I want some and Jennifer's look so cool!
  7. More socks! More socks! With my fantastic sock yarn! Also, I just got my copy of "simple socks plain and fancy" So I'm ready to go!
  8. Hemlock ring blanket to put away for any future possible babies
  9. Cotton dishcloth blanket...made of lot's of different cool dishcloths with textured pictures on the....also for babies (because seriously...pregnant people are popping up all over the place!
  10. Cancelli fingerless mitts with the one skein of light blue alpaca I picked up because I just had to!

Well, that should really keep me busy forever...since I don't actually spend nearly enough time knitting to complete much of anything! :-P

Monday, October 27, 2008

Go visit Happy'll be glad you did :-)

Sooo, it's Monday, and I really should have posted this on Friday night...but we were out all night on Friday, and then we were at a very long, but very beautiful wedding all day on Saturday, and then H and I were on service (church) yesterday, and then his family came to visit, and then I've had some "health issues". So, there's my excuse for being horrible tardy is posting my thank you! Because this is a fantastic gift! Thank you Barb!

When we came home from work on Friday there was a box in our mailbox. It was from Barb at Happy Handwork. Have you been to visit? If not, go check out her blog. There is always a story to be told and it's always told in a very creative and entertaining manner. If you're reading Happy Handwork, you usually get to feel like you're walking around right beside it's writer!
Inside the box was a real treat! A beautiful card was right on top with a note from Barb. Then, I started unwrapping, and unwrapping, and unwrapping...I was amazed it seemed to never end! You are so generous Barb! Thank you sooooo much! You really made my day!...weekend! Week!

There were some Peeps, which I've heard people talk about, but never seen before and I was so curious about them...I haven't broke into any of the candy yet...but it won't be long! And there was the cutest packet of teas with a little spoon rest in the shape of a teapot, with those yummy stir-spoons! (Can you see them...they're next to the was hard to make them show up with my little camera). Anddd..there's more...Choxie chocolates! Yummm! Two different kinds of chocolate, solid milk chocolate bars and dark and milk chocolate truffley goodness. To top it all off..there is yarn! Sock yarn...and beautiful sock yarn! Now, I'll really have to have a you can all help me decide which pattern to match up with which sock yarn :-D Wait for the will be coming soon!I tried to take a close up of the colours in the yarn...but it didn't work out that well, it's beautiful....lighter blues...darker blues...even some purple tones Thank you Barb! And keep posting! We are all so blessed to know you!

Monday, October 13, 2008

I think I like socks!

Well, Here is my sock... it's twisting a bit but I think that's OK.Here's a close up of my heel. I did it the yo way, like one of my knitting friends who always seems to be knitting great socks. I also ordered the book...but it won't be in for a week or two. It's on sale right now at knitpicks! I figured if it was a short row method that didn't make me cry :-) then I'd buy the book :-) Last time I tried short row socks I had HUGE holes and ripped them out.
They're far from perfect...but it's my best attempt so far. The toe is kindof messy and I think I maybe should have done one more pattern repeat before the heel (hindsight is 20/20 isn't it), but I can get my feet in them...they're just snug...and I'm pretty sure that the recipients feet are significantly smaller than I'm hoping they'll be OK.
Here's where I'm at now with H's sweater....after starting it over on Saturday night.....
Here's what's left of the first time I started H's sweater...I finally took that same knitting friends advice (from a comment from awhile ago...I've been trying to tink back for quite some time) anyways...I met a place where things were just really messed up..and I couldn't make it look pretty rippy's all gone. I think it actually feels wouldn't believe how stressed I made myself...sheesh...knitting is supposed to be enjoyable! I put these balls back in the box...and started with some fresh stuff. I'll probably have to use them in the end, but right now I just wanted to start fresh.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Goodbye Garden...see you next year!

I actually accomplished a few things on Saturday (yesterday). I was feeling rather lazy...and really didn't want to do anything but knit my sock :-) but I dragged my butt outside and dug up my garden. I'd all been turned over and is pretty and smooth and black. Made me want to plant it again right then and there!

Then H and I dig some garage organizing...whew! that made a difference, we're not quite done yet, because we plan on buying some shelving, but will have to wait. Even's SUCH an improvement. I could actually put my car in there now!

Let see, other than that, I paid our bills, made some mushroom chicken tortellini, nearly injured myself throwing around the mini football in the back yarn with H, and made a short row heel!!! Well, actually the short row heel was Friday night...I couldn't stop until it was done :-) Stayed up until 1am! Yes...that's late for me...heh I'll post pics soon, right now, I have to go get ready for church....H and I aren't "on service" this week, so we got to sleep in ...nice!

Monday, October 06, 2008

Thank you NEredhead!

So, I've been out of commission for a couple of days due to H's dad's 80 b-day party, and a very busy weekend...Sooooo I haven't got a chance to show you this!

I should say up front, that the chocolate is already all gone, so ....sorry, I can't share :-) Really, I'm not joking, the chocolate IS all gone ...and it was TASTY!
This was waiting for me on Friday when I got home from work, how nice is that?!? What a great end to the week! It's from the football swap on Ravelry. My secret swap sender was NEredhead, and she really spoiled me (what a great first swap experience this has been!)
There's a football in Chargers colours (we be Chargers fans in this house). We almost broke a couple of things and so I had to reinstate the no throwing in the house rule,...but we had a lot of fun before things got carried away hahahaha Yes, we are BOTH over 30, but still, we were throwing the football around in the living room!
There was also some dark chocolate M&Ms ..they were tasty...and we ate them too quickly (really you'd think we are both 5 years old!) And there were these really great truffle chocolates called Choxie...yumm! The mint was my favourite, I've never seen them in Canada.
Oh yes! And the yarn! Go figure I've been dying to knit socks lately! And check out this is soft...very SOFT...and I love the colours in it! These socks will be for me... :-D I think I will try to pick a pattern and knit them right after I knit the ones for my Christmas gift (and I hope those go well)
Sooo, Here's my sock progress! Thanks for all the suggestions....I decided on Bayerische, because it's beautiful! But, then I got a bit scared by all those charts, and thought perhaps I should try something a weee bit easier for the first pair of socks on tiny needles with tiny yarn, so enter "Mockery" but it's not toe up...... So, I've done the toe of Bayerische, and then started the pattern of Mockery...hopefully I can figure this out..... I definitely want to make Bayerische some day...woo beautiful! But....maybe a couple of pairs from now.
They're maybe a smidge big on me for width, but I do have oddly skinny feet (something on me had to be skinny I guess) so I'm hoping they're not to wide for normal people...also they're not pointy enough on me...but...most people don't have an oddly long second toe turning their foot into some sort of weird again...hopefully better on a normal person's foot.
My increases are kinda ugly....but not terrible so I'm keeping them...wish me luck...If I finish these it will be the first pair of fancy socks I've ever made (I've just done thick hiking type socks before)
I can't wait to make some with my new swap sock yarn! Thanks again NEredhead! :-D

Friday, October 03, 2008

Sock Pattern...suggestions?

Ok everyone I bet you’re shocked that I’m posting this much aren’t you. Well, honestly it’s partly because there are no pictures, sometimes it’s the hassle of uploading pictures that stops me from posting (not because it’s difficult, but more because I’m lazy and my pictures are overflowing from this poor laptop). But…whatever…. On to my post

My latest question:

I think I would like to make a pair of socks for a particular person for Christmas. I don’t think she reads my blog but just in case I won’t say who it is. A lady, about 60 years old (I’m totally guessing here, she’ll be really offended if she’s only 57, but rather pleased if she’s actually 65)

I bought some knitpicks essential in the colour African Violet. I also bought some needles size 2.0mm and 2.25mm to try the magic loop method, hopefully one of those sizes will work for me. I’d like to do toe up, and I prefer to do the magic cast on thingy rather than short row (because I had short row hole issues last time I tried…but I’m willing to experiment at bit).

Any pattern suggestions? I’ll look at all suggestions and then hopefully cast on tonight, or sometime this weekend. I would love any input you guys can give me. I’ve never successfully made socks on tiny needles with thin yarn…so this is new for me, but I’d like to do something pretty, that won’t be too boring either.

When do you turn the heat on?

Hi All,

Hope you're all feeling toasty and warm this morning. Things are cooling down here fast!
Actually on the weekend we were wearing t-shirts outside. Now, it's all about the sweaters and jackets. Tuesday was the first really cold day, when we realized that it's officially NOT summer anymore :-( My garden isn't even put to bed yet.

So I ask you all, when do you decide to turn the heat on? Yesterday we came home and it was 65F in the house, we resisted. This morning we woke up and it is 63F.

Edit: I should say...I mean the temperature in the house...outside the house it's been about 38F with a high of a nice balmy 58F. I'm fine with that outside...but...not so much on the inside :-)

So, what is you threshold for flipping the switch? I'm just curious :-D

Happy Friday!