Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It started snowing yesterday. I really didn't think it would be snow that stayed...but when we woke up this's what we saw:Over on the left....those smooshed things are the cages for over my garden boxes...I'll be really sad it I can't bend the wire back to shape...because they were a royal pain in the sitter to make!
They were supposed to be in the garage already...but we've been cleaning and organizing, so didn't really have a place for them yet...oops
More snow
Oh, and here's where my sock is at.... it is hard to take pictures of your own feet yes/no? Anybody have a fancy nice way to do this? Anyways...I can't believe how long it's taking me to knit this sock! LOL


Jennifer said...

Ack. That is really snow! Keep it north for awhile because I don't think I can handle snow before the middle of November. Love the sock.

Wool Winder said...

The first snow is always pretty, but I guess you get tired of it after a long winter.

You're doing a great job on the sock!

leah said...

Where is the jealous button!! I love snow! The socks look great (it is hard to take pics of your own feet) The best I've done is bending over and holding the camera out in front of my feet. You definitely don't want an audience when doing it though!

Tracy said...

Yes it is difficult to take a self portrait of your feet. Some of the best, with fewest hassles and equipment, I've seen are when the person lies on the couch or chair and puts their feet on the wall. On a personal note, I resorted to the purchase of a fake leg. LOL

Supposedly it flurried here last week, I didn't see nor did I stand in so according to me, we haven't had any snow yet. :o)

cinnamongirl93 said...

Snow! Wow looks like you got quite a bit. We had a few flurries here on Sunday evening and Moday afternoon. Nothing stuck.
The sock is looking fantastic! Nice job.