Friday, October 03, 2008

Sock Pattern...suggestions?

Ok everyone I bet you’re shocked that I’m posting this much aren’t you. Well, honestly it’s partly because there are no pictures, sometimes it’s the hassle of uploading pictures that stops me from posting (not because it’s difficult, but more because I’m lazy and my pictures are overflowing from this poor laptop). But…whatever…. On to my post

My latest question:

I think I would like to make a pair of socks for a particular person for Christmas. I don’t think she reads my blog but just in case I won’t say who it is. A lady, about 60 years old (I’m totally guessing here, she’ll be really offended if she’s only 57, but rather pleased if she’s actually 65)

I bought some knitpicks essential in the colour African Violet. I also bought some needles size 2.0mm and 2.25mm to try the magic loop method, hopefully one of those sizes will work for me. I’d like to do toe up, and I prefer to do the magic cast on thingy rather than short row (because I had short row hole issues last time I tried…but I’m willing to experiment at bit).

Any pattern suggestions? I’ll look at all suggestions and then hopefully cast on tonight, or sometime this weekend. I would love any input you guys can give me. I’ve never successfully made socks on tiny needles with thin yarn…so this is new for me, but I’d like to do something pretty, that won’t be too boring either.


Jennifer said...

I've made several toe ups. I always use the magic cast on. It is so much better IMHO. Here are some options.

I am voting for cables that will stand out great with this yarn.

Tracy said...

First things first....In reply to your question in the previous post....every year I tell myself that I will NOT turn on the furnace. Every year I turn it one earlier than I had hoped. I'm going up stairs right now and getting the thermometer, I have no idea what the temp is in the house...let's just say the day time highs for the past week or so have been around 58 and the lows mid to low 40's....39 yesterday morning. yes, there was frost. I'll let you know when I turn on furnace, but 65 doesn't sound too bad. :o)

Now for the sock. Egads there are 14 million sock patterns out there!! A personal fav of mine are Cat Bordhi designs I really like the Coriolis but it is kinda plain. Check out Monika aka Smoking Hot Needles on Rav she has some pretty good ones too. CookieA's sock are out of this world beautiful but might be too much not sure I've just lusted after them and haven't made any myself.

btw you can do any toe you want on just about any toe up sock changing the heel may or may not be as easy give me a holler if you need help.

leah said...

I haven't done toe up so I'm not good at suggestions. Cuff down I would suggest Monkeys or Waving Lace from favorite socks!

Wool Winder said...

Looks like you have some great suggestions already, which is good because I always work my socks from the top down and have no idea what to suggest. Can't wait to see what you choose.

cinnamongirl93 said...

I am not the person to ask. I still have not knitted socks....yet!!!
I'm sure that any hand made item you knit your friend will be cherished by her. Knit away!