Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Things to knit...or finish knitting

Warning...most of these are Ravelry links....

  1. Socks for my secret recipient (the purple ones I'm working on now...) they're doing quite well I think. The first one is about 30 rows from finished.
  2. Seam up the baby kimono, because it is a shower gift for a friend...it's been finished for a while... just not sewn up...I'm weird
  3. Blanket square for the knit night blanket project (I have only one half done..because I decided to be fancy and do a ball band blanket square instead of plain knitting...and well honestly the sock it taking all my attention)
  4. Harold's sweater, I ripped it all out, and casted on again...but...I only have about 1 inch knit...it's lost its intrigue since I had to rip :-( poor chilly sweetums with no sweater to warm him
  5. Harold needs a new hat too...the one I made him last year has too much cotton (requested because he's bald and wanted soft) anyways...it's perfect out of the dryer...but too big after a few days :-( (Totally my fault...what gauge?
  6. Mitered mitts, just because I want some and Jennifer's look so cool!
  7. More socks! More socks! With my fantastic sock yarn! Also, I just got my copy of "simple socks plain and fancy" So I'm ready to go!
  8. Hemlock ring blanket to put away for any future possible babies
  9. Cotton dishcloth blanket...made of lot's of different cool dishcloths with textured pictures on the....also for babies (because seriously...pregnant people are popping up all over the place!
  10. Cancelli fingerless mitts with the one skein of light blue alpaca I picked up because I just had to!

Well, that should really keep me busy forever...since I don't actually spend nearly enough time knitting to complete much of anything! :-P


Wool Winder said...

It's good to have choices. You're working on a lot of nice projects.

leah said...

That is a big list! Good luck on it! My list seems to grow too fast too!

Jennifer said...

I think you need a snow day to accomplish all of this. Are you still meeting for knit night? I find myself taking things I need to tackle but not really inspired to at knit night. Good luck. I can't wait to see what you finish up. I'm guessing the socks first. :)

Oh and those mitered mitts... 4 hours tops.

Tracy said...

Have you thought about threading some elastic thread through the ribbing to keep that hat snug?

That's a pretty long list, I just wanna know if it will be longer or shorter next eek at this time. LOL

cinnamongirl93 said...

You have quite a list of projects! That means lots of knitting post. Yeh!!