Monday, October 06, 2008

Thank you NEredhead!

So, I've been out of commission for a couple of days due to H's dad's 80 b-day party, and a very busy weekend...Sooooo I haven't got a chance to show you this!

I should say up front, that the chocolate is already all gone, so ....sorry, I can't share :-) Really, I'm not joking, the chocolate IS all gone ...and it was TASTY!
This was waiting for me on Friday when I got home from work, how nice is that?!? What a great end to the week! It's from the football swap on Ravelry. My secret swap sender was NEredhead, and she really spoiled me (what a great first swap experience this has been!)
There's a football in Chargers colours (we be Chargers fans in this house). We almost broke a couple of things and so I had to reinstate the no throwing in the house rule,...but we had a lot of fun before things got carried away hahahaha Yes, we are BOTH over 30, but still, we were throwing the football around in the living room!
There was also some dark chocolate M&Ms ..they were tasty...and we ate them too quickly (really you'd think we are both 5 years old!) And there were these really great truffle chocolates called Choxie...yumm! The mint was my favourite, I've never seen them in Canada.
Oh yes! And the yarn! Go figure I've been dying to knit socks lately! And check out this is soft...very SOFT...and I love the colours in it! These socks will be for me... :-D I think I will try to pick a pattern and knit them right after I knit the ones for my Christmas gift (and I hope those go well)
Sooo, Here's my sock progress! Thanks for all the suggestions....I decided on Bayerische, because it's beautiful! But, then I got a bit scared by all those charts, and thought perhaps I should try something a weee bit easier for the first pair of socks on tiny needles with tiny yarn, so enter "Mockery" but it's not toe up...... So, I've done the toe of Bayerische, and then started the pattern of Mockery...hopefully I can figure this out..... I definitely want to make Bayerische some day...woo beautiful! But....maybe a couple of pairs from now.
They're maybe a smidge big on me for width, but I do have oddly skinny feet (something on me had to be skinny I guess) so I'm hoping they're not to wide for normal people...also they're not pointy enough on me...but...most people don't have an oddly long second toe turning their foot into some sort of weird again...hopefully better on a normal person's foot.
My increases are kinda ugly....but not terrible so I'm keeping them...wish me luck...If I finish these it will be the first pair of fancy socks I've ever made (I've just done thick hiking type socks before)
I can't wait to make some with my new swap sock yarn! Thanks again NEredhead! :-D


leah said...

Looking great so far! I found it took me a few socks to really be able to fit my foot. Which toe? which heel? how many stitches? it all takes some experimentation.

Wool Winder said...

I like the socks you picked. I think they're going to turn out just right.

Jennifer said...

I think your really going to like those socks. Great toe! How do you like magic loop? Perfect for football season. Oh and I'm a little intimidated by the Bayerische socks too. They are lovely though and I know Eunny would never let us down. maybe someday...

NERedhead's gift is cool. And how neat that she sent sock yarn made in her own state! Things like that get me.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Wow! You scored on the swap! Choxie chocolate is pretty good stuff.
I like your sock so far. I can't wait to see the progress.

NEredhead said...

Glad that your swap made it there safely. Hope you like the sock yarn too, your current sock in progress looks like it is off to a good start!

Trish said...

Loving those! You will be so happy with them once they are done - handknit socks are so addictive!