Sunday, October 12, 2008

Goodbye Garden...see you next year!

I actually accomplished a few things on Saturday (yesterday). I was feeling rather lazy...and really didn't want to do anything but knit my sock :-) but I dragged my butt outside and dug up my garden. I'd all been turned over and is pretty and smooth and black. Made me want to plant it again right then and there!

Then H and I dig some garage organizing...whew! that made a difference, we're not quite done yet, because we plan on buying some shelving, but will have to wait. Even's SUCH an improvement. I could actually put my car in there now!

Let see, other than that, I paid our bills, made some mushroom chicken tortellini, nearly injured myself throwing around the mini football in the back yarn with H, and made a short row heel!!! Well, actually the short row heel was Friday night...I couldn't stop until it was done :-) Stayed up until 1am! Yes...that's late for me...heh I'll post pics soon, right now, I have to go get ready for church....H and I aren't "on service" this week, so we got to sleep in ...nice!


cinnamongirl93 said...

Now you can dream and plan for nest years garden. I'm going to try and keep mine as long as possible. I bought some really cool row covers so maybe?!
I planted some more lettuce last week. Am I crazy! Yup!

Wool Winder said...

Sounds like you got a lot accomplished. It must feel good to check these things off your list. Can't wait to see the sock.

Jennifer said...

Your zipping right through those socks. I still haven't but my garden to bed. Or properly harvested! I'm still getting tomatos but the weather hasn't turned cold yet. I plan on putting in 2 more boxes for next spring and growing more than herbs, giant marigolds, and tomatos.