Wednesday, December 14, 2011


No posts since October?!?!?!   Terrible! is our world in pictures :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Off the list....on the list

From the Merry Trio pattern (link it last post).   My picture is terrible!...but it's a cute little knit.  If I had time I'm make them all!  

Next up, working on my Aria test knit.  I'm nearly done, and it is so cute.  This is just a wonderful pattern.   I love the designer and have many of her patterns, although, I'm such a sadly slow knitter that I don't have that many finished knits from them :(

After that, it's finish the Springtime in Hollis for Miss Pickle....seriously...there is about 5 inches of a sleeve...and then just the buttonbands left to do..... and it's been lingering for months!  

Perhaps then the cowl for me :)  and then it's on to baby boy knits :D

Milo sweater vests,  blanket buddy bunnies, and soaker sacks/tiny longies, oh and I also really want the turtle butt pattern!.

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The checklist

I'm so far behind on so many things....  such is life.'s my crafty checklist:
  1. Finish Christmas ornament for swap, check out this cute pattern!
  2. Finish Aria test knit (I love this one sooooo much!)  I'll post a link once the pattern is published.
  3. Sew money envelope wallet for us - details of brainstorm below...
  4. Sew snack bags for me, for Rammy, and more for Kara :)  cuz she said she liked'em
  5. Sew crayon/art roll for Jared for his birthday (late!) - like one on pinterest with the broken link :(
  6. Sew art pack/pencil crayon roll thingy for Sienna and Shauna for Christmas present extras
  7. Sew interchangeable knitting needle holder for me  - still in planning stages
  8. Sew baby boy diapers!!!  Yay!!!  We're having a boy!!!! that money system wallet...  I think maybe I'll make the envelopes with zippers...which might be a bit bulky but less than velcro...and seriously....I need a place for change in each of those envelopes!   Also... they will be deeper... with a seam along the bottom edge, separating the pocket part, from button holes...that I will string suede or leather strips through, to tie together inside a suede or leather outer wallet... will close with snaps... 
Sort of like a binder...where the envelopes are the paper....the leather is the binder...and the leather laces are the binder rings....make sense? no?  don't worry...I'll figure it out I'm sure....even if the first one is suuuuuuper ugly :)

Ok..and I'll need a pocket to keep coupons in...and a pocket to keep receipts in...I haven't decided if there should be a mini pocket on the back of each envelope to keep receipts for items purchased from that category...or if the receipts can just go inside the envelopes with the cash...hmmmmmm

Oh...and I did my meal plan for the WHOLE MONTH!