Sunday, December 11, 2011

Off the list....on the list

From the Merry Trio pattern (link it last post).   My picture is terrible!...but it's a cute little knit.  If I had time I'm make them all!  

Next up, working on my Aria test knit.  I'm nearly done, and it is so cute.  This is just a wonderful pattern.   I love the designer and have many of her patterns, although, I'm such a sadly slow knitter that I don't have that many finished knits from them :(

After that, it's finish the Springtime in Hollis for Miss Pickle....seriously...there is about 5 inches of a sleeve...and then just the buttonbands left to do..... and it's been lingering for months!  

Perhaps then the cowl for me :)  and then it's on to baby boy knits :D

Milo sweater vests,  blanket buddy bunnies, and soaker sacks/tiny longies, oh and I also really want the turtle butt pattern!.

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