Tuesday, May 15, 2007

First Afghan square complete

Here's my first afghan square, I'm debating with myself on whether to mail it out now, or wait and do another one and mail them together. Hmmmmm, it looks kindof mis-shapen in the picture.....(reminds me of how hard it is to hand draw a nice circle, perhaps it's the same sort of deal with handknitting a nice square...errr...ummmm yeah, probably just me...)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Afghan square, first to come

I started this square this evening. I decided to be pretty lazy, so after supper I did nothing but knit and absent mindedly watch television, (I can barely even remember what shows were on other than 24, much less have a clue what they were about, I think there may have even been some relatively painless moments of hockey sprawled in there since I was knitting, I didn't really CARE what was on!)I've decided that it is in fact true....I am a very slow knitter, I believe I was working on this from about 7:30 till 10, I should have finished this one at least, I would think...but...noooooo. Oh well, I enjoy it just the same. Hopefully it's not too ugly :-D And I'm hoping that cotton is OK. I have loads of cotton in my stash, this was left over from making "Anouk" from the knitty.com website for my neice, I was going to make her some patchwork stuffed animals from it...but...who knows if I'm ever going to get around to that, so it's a square instead...again...I hope cotton is OK....it's snuggly soft..
This is one of my very favourite baby pics so far, I love how her tiny fingers are wrapped around her dad's...... 4 months old!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Afghan squares

I really want to do this. I know no one will see this on MY blog, except perhaps the person who's blog I found the info on in the first place :-) But I'm posting it anyways!

It's a plan to make 8" blocks for afghans to be pieced together to give to the people of Greensburg. We are so very far away, and have never seen anything like this, I cannot imagine losing everything, just like that.

Still knittin' among other things

Wow, the weather is beautiful, our house is stifling but the weather is beautiful!I HAVE been doing some knitting...although not as much as I'd like, with all this nice weather there are so many other things that I need/want to do. Like today, it's Saturday so I could pretty much be lazy and do nothing but knit, that would be wonderful, but there are soooo many other things on my list....oh well, if only there was more free time less work time...lol....but then I'd miss my work ha! I think I will probably take an hour or so and sit in the backyard knitting anyways....because the back yard does look so very inviting right now!
Well, I had the same plan last Saturday, but after getting groceries H's mom called and asked if he could come out and help with some farm stuff, (which ended up just being yard work as the farm stuff got pushed back to Monday). So, I WAS lazy and DID knit most of the time, aside for some picture taking maniac breaks,.....I pretty much sat around knitting and watching people work...ha! what a good daughter-in-law I am.....really...it's helpful if I stay out of the way....I'm just a menace in a garden!
There's poor Nika, all stuck on her side because I can't seem to figure out how to change the picture format to turn her upright, I can do it on a PC, but can't figure it out on the mac stuff.....I guess I'm still learning the Mac. She's a cute dog though,....even if you DO have to turn your head sideways to look at her :-)
Oh, and by the way, all those beautiful flowers are obviously H's mom's....and not mine :-)

Friday, May 04, 2007

Guess what I got!!!


All for buying our totally fabulous PCR machine which I love (I know...I am far too attached to my lab equipment) I got a free iPod!!! How happy am I!!!
So, now I have a music player that will work with my MacBook, which I also love, but is very new to me since starting this job at a lab that all about Mac, and not about PC....hubby's poor PC is lonely now that I have shiny macbook.

Anyways, I love the iPod, but unfortunately I can't seem to convert any of my music that I had purchased (and purchased legally, and well within the rights I was given with the purchase I might add) from Bonfire and get it into iTunes. I think it is impossible, and I am somewhat irked because I think that if I paid for the music...I should be able to use it on whatever player or format I want, but yes I know, groan, that's just not the way it works. Oh well, I'll stop whining about my paid for music and just be super happy about my free and entirely not paid for iPod!!! Look how pretty, and skinny, I thought the laptop was thin....
Ha! but....since I couldn't get any of the previously purchase music on it...I've been listening to free podcasts all day... I listened to some medical cases...ha! and some science journals...snore...what a geek I am.....I tried a few bible podcasts, but one guy had a creepy voice, which just isn't what you want in someone reading you the gospel, the other was quite nice actually, but I was having trouble concentrating on both bible and cell culture, both require far too much attention to be done simultaneously it would seem....so...back to more meaningless things I went. Hey, you can also get James MacDonald's walk in the word on podcast....cool...Harold is very excited about that...I catch him eyeing up the iPod....hehe

I really need to get some music.....lol....at least for the treadmill....although I doubt I will ever be skinny like iPod....probably remain more like my Sansa...wonderfully function...but a little more curvy...not so sleek..ha! ...I think I'll try to go buy an iTunes card tomorrow.

I clearly need to go to bed....right now....immediately....goodnight!