Friday, May 04, 2007

Guess what I got!!!


All for buying our totally fabulous PCR machine which I love (I know...I am far too attached to my lab equipment) I got a free iPod!!! How happy am I!!!
So, now I have a music player that will work with my MacBook, which I also love, but is very new to me since starting this job at a lab that all about Mac, and not about PC....hubby's poor PC is lonely now that I have shiny macbook.

Anyways, I love the iPod, but unfortunately I can't seem to convert any of my music that I had purchased (and purchased legally, and well within the rights I was given with the purchase I might add) from Bonfire and get it into iTunes. I think it is impossible, and I am somewhat irked because I think that if I paid for the music...I should be able to use it on whatever player or format I want, but yes I know, groan, that's just not the way it works. Oh well, I'll stop whining about my paid for music and just be super happy about my free and entirely not paid for iPod!!! Look how pretty, and skinny, I thought the laptop was thin....
Ha! but....since I couldn't get any of the previously purchase music on it...I've been listening to free podcasts all day... I listened to some medical cases...ha! and some science journals...snore...what a geek I am.....I tried a few bible podcasts, but one guy had a creepy voice, which just isn't what you want in someone reading you the gospel, the other was quite nice actually, but I was having trouble concentrating on both bible and cell culture, both require far too much attention to be done simultaneously it would to more meaningless things I went. Hey, you can also get James MacDonald's walk in the word on is very excited about that...I catch him eyeing up the iPod....hehe

I really need to get some least for the treadmill....although I doubt I will ever be skinny like iPod....probably remain more like my Sansa...wonderfully function...but a little more curvy...not so sleek..ha! ...I think I'll try to go buy an iTunes card tomorrow.

I clearly need to go to bed....right now....immediately....goodnight!

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