Monday, May 14, 2007

Afghan square, first to come

I started this square this evening. I decided to be pretty lazy, so after supper I did nothing but knit and absent mindedly watch television, (I can barely even remember what shows were on other than 24, much less have a clue what they were about, I think there may have even been some relatively painless moments of hockey sprawled in there since I was knitting, I didn't really CARE what was on!)I've decided that it is in fact true....I am a very slow knitter, I believe I was working on this from about 7:30 till 10, I should have finished this one at least, I would think...but...noooooo. Oh well, I enjoy it just the same. Hopefully it's not too ugly :-D And I'm hoping that cotton is OK. I have loads of cotton in my stash, this was left over from making "Anouk" from the website for my neice, I was going to make her some patchwork stuffed animals from it...but...who knows if I'm ever going to get around to that, so it's a square instead...again...I hope cotton is's snuggly soft..
This is one of my very favourite baby pics so far, I love how her tiny fingers are wrapped around her dad's...... 4 months old!

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