Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Post Number 100!

Betcha it took me waaaay longer than it took Jen :-)

I don't usually post card pictures...but these ones I'm really happy with. They are made using tutorials from Michelle . Seriously..even I can make nice cards following her instructions...so nice of her to help us all don't you think! The one with the flower is supposed to be a leaf floating in water...I don't have a leaf so I used a flower..I still like it :-)
Here's the baby surprise jacket I finished knitting on vacation, I haven't seamed it up yet, or added buttons. I'm sure I get around to that eventually :-)
..but for now..it's much more fun to just keep right on knitting, I'm working on a baby kimono now...and I'm loving it. I really like this cotton, and the colour striping was going so nicely...no pooling even...but then...wait for it....yep...when I started increasing it messed up the colour sequences so there is now pooling in the back of the arms...especially noticeable is the cream coloured patch at the back of the neck...doh! and I was so happy with how it was coming along up until that point....
So, here's a question, what does everyone else do when that happens? I just keep right on knitting an pretend that it's not there...but I'll always see it...oh yes...I will. Do you fix it in some way that I don't know about...are you all very clever..if so...let me know please...there are a lot of babies on the way, and this is a pretty quick and fun knit..so help me ....heeelp meeeeeee!

Ok, must calm down...awww yes...the Muskoka chairs from vacation..remembering reading and relaxing and drinking coffee on the deck...
Oh...and another favourite spot...the hammock...nice for naps..although...a bit of a mosquito buffet if you go there too early in the morning...eek!
Now, I'm off to go soak in a bubble bath, and read my book :-) Goodnight all!


Wool Winder said...

You might try knitting from two balls of yarn, alternating them every couple of rows.

Jennifer said...

Those cards are the most awesome thing I've seen outside of knitting! BeauTful.

Now to your deep question...the pooling. I haven't run much into pooling problems so I'm no expert here. I do know that I would keep on knitting. Knitters are way more fenicky when it comes to pooling than everyone else. Just ask Harold. He probably thinks it looks fab and when you ask him about the pooling you might get a blank stare. Only knitters see pooling. Maybe someone else out there has some remedy.

Tracy said...

Presuming you're working from a ball in which the other ball can be had, then I would try work alternating rows with each end.

Another thing to try is to skip one of the colors in the sequence. For example merrily knit along until the dark color comes up, break the yarn and re-tie together beyond the dark part. You might have to do this every few rows if the stitch count stays the same, but it doesn't eat up too much yardage. It does make a lot more ends to hide though.