Friday, February 29, 2008

Spinning is SO fun!

Soooo, here's my very first handspun....I took these pics very late one night, and the flash turned the white wool...well, white, so I took the flash off.

It's not really a pretty skein of wool, actually, it's really messed up, but it's mine, and I tell ya, I couldn't be prouder of it. I was so happy, it was like someone just gave me a puppy or something!
There here's a little small half sized one. Kassy wanted me to try this stuff out, just for the sake of trying different things. I found spinning easier, but I think I was just getting more used to it. I did not like this stuff, but I forget what it was called, the white stuff above is from Romni sheep (or something like that...I don't know sheep types) this is something different...with guard hairs....s.c.r.a.t.c.h.y! It reminded me more of horse hair.
Here's my two first a nice affectionate embrace. See, they know they'll always have a special place in my heart :-)
They sat quietly while a sadly inept photographer snapped pictures ...including this one slightly more close up

So, Last week Kassy sent me home with this.
That Kassy, she giggled with delight as she told me I'd better keep it in the back of the truck due to the smell. I've tried my best to follow the instuction given for washing. But really, it doesn't look much prettier. I assure you, it DOES smell better, but it still looks kinda ugg. I hope she's not disappointed in my progress. Hmmm, after looking at the picture again, it does look better, but certainly not all white and fleecy or anything...we'll see what she says tomorrow. :-) I'm learning carding, and some time dying, and then who knows what else!


Wool Winder said...

Your first yarn looks so much better than mine did! You're catching on quick.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Congradulations! You first handspun looks fantastic to me! I bet it was a lot of fun to spin!

Jennifer said...

The white looks perfect for a hat. Very cool. This is one hobby that I am avoiding. At first I had no desire to spin and as time goes on I feel the pull more and more. At knit night this month we are having a 12 year old boy come and demonstrate spinning for us. He is going to make some wool available to purchase too. How cool is that. A 12 year old! The other thing I am avoiding are the classes they hold at the LYS. They sell wheels, looms, and all that and hold tons of classes. Of course reading your blog and hello yarn's blog is only weakening me!