Sunday, February 17, 2008

So close, I can STILL already feel the warmth

I'm finished the main part of the knitting. Now I'm just doing the applied I-cord. Good thing that there's been applied i-cord talk (and Eli Manning..ha! Go Eli!), and tutorial over on Mason-Dixon knitting lately...or I might never have figured any of this out...or at the very least I would have thought that nice lady who wrote my hat pattern had gone totally off her rocker!
So, I'm going to go keep working on the edging while my poor hardworking husband continues to bail out our basement, because it is once again filling with water.

And no...the landlords don't give a stitch about it...or the shingles that have been ripped off the roof, or the squirrels in our walls and ceilings that I'm sure are gnawing through all the ancient electrical or the dryer vent cap that is completely broken off, or the hole that actually goes directly from inside the house to outside the house in the basement, blocked only by the little bit of plastic siding covering it and the rags that I've stuff in the hole, or the leak that came down THROUGH the light fixture and into my kitchen sink, and when we first moved in it took me 3 months to convince them that there was a gas leak.

Finally one day, a Friday evening actually in February, when we were having people over for dinner it got so bad that I was calling about it again, I think she got tired and just wanted to shut me up so she sent the gas company out (she really did think I was nuts because she couldn't smell the gas at all..I think that's because she smelled like a rather heavy smoker and probably didn't have all that keen a sense of smell).

So the gas guy came out..and told me I wasn't insane, and we had two leaks, and he was very apologetic when he told me he would have to lock our gas until it could be repaired. He seemed like he was expecting me to yell at him or get angry because it was a Friday night in February, but I was just so happy that someone finally believed me I didn't care at all! Have I mentioned that our house is actually owned by the hospital next door....funny huh.'s my unplanned little rant..ha! I'm going to go knit now :-) Notice that my i-cord is rolling up on the front of the's looking great on the ear flaps, but really rolling up on the front and back where I'm incorporating the live stitches...I'm hoping that this will block out flat. I was unsure of whether I should be going down a needle size for this or something....but I decided to keep going as I am, and just hope for a good block. Lemme know what you think...but'll probably be too late :-)

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Jennifer said...

The applied I-cord is really putting the hat together. It looked good before but now...WOW! I would so cast on except that I really have no desire to knit on tiny needles right now.:)I'm not sure about the curling in the front. Hmm. I hope someone comments with an answer. I whipped out an embilical cord hat this evening. I have sewn up several projects in Bend the Rules Sewing for babies. I won't have time to make a quilt/blanket but I think I will add some bibs to the hat. The only problem is that I really don't want to go to the store and I don't think I have anything in my fabric stash right now.
I hope your rental situation improves althought with the past history it just might not. What a pain! I am surprised you have water though. I thought everything up north was still frozen and covered in snow.