Saturday, September 13, 2008

A new home for old yarn....but hubby will still get his socks

OK. So today September 13-08, over a year after I started them. I pulled these (ravelry link) out and started knitting again...

...mostly because I was washing a gauge swatch for H's sweater and had nothing else on the needles....that's right...nothing...not one other project...although I could have taken the time to seam the baby kimono that I finished earlier in the week...I didn't.

I trying to cast on a few other things...but in the end, the socks for H are what I'm working on .... I don't like working on them anymore.. I realize that I prefer working with more natural fibers on smaller needles now...hmmm apparently this was not the case before... now..these will be finished, simply so that they are finished.

What am I going to do with all that acrylic yarn that I stashed in the early days?
Well, at knit night on Thursday I asked a few ladies what they thought about doing some knitting for others, we figured if we go for blankets then we know everyone will be at a skill level that they can feel comfortable with the projects, and if we do it in squares then it's not to overwhelming for anyone.

So, I think next night night I'm digging out my box of odd balls of yarn and old afghan acrylic that I don't want for anything and everyone can grab whatever they fancy and knit away. Any old pattern block they choose. Maybe we'll have another night for sewing them all together (because that is not my favourite part :-) I looked up a couple of places that accepts knit donations in our city, I think we decided on one. Woo hoo, we're hoping to have some things to send on time for Christmas.


Jennifer said...

Cool that the socks are more your taste now. Great idea for charity knitting. I read Brooklyn Tweed say something about the joy of putting a sweater down to pick it back up again is that when you start again it's like beginning a new project that is almost finished.

cinnamongirl93 said...

It't funny how our taste in fiber changes. I understand what you mean. When I first started knitting my maiden project was a fun fur scarf!
The blanket idea works. You may use up all of that yarn!

leah said...

Great idea to use up your old acrylic!

Wool Winder said...

Good idea to use your yarn (not to mention time and talent) to benefit others!

leah said...

Glad you liked my shoes!!! They are Dansko....known for very good arch support!