Saturday, September 17, 2011

Baby bum balm

I just made a batch of baby bum balm.   I am soooo pleased!  I hope it works a great as it looks. (update:  yes it does work wonderfully!)

I used this post for instructions, although mine is a wee bit different.

I used grapeseed oil, because that's what I had leftover from when Pickle was super tiny and all the moisturizers left her red and screaming....  grapeseed oil was all we could use on her.

I bought a 6oz block of beeswax from an Etsy seller for $10 including shipping, and some calendula petals from another seller for about $3.    Since I already had the oil I consider that free.    I'm always saving those tins are leftover tins from actual Dimpleskins Bum Bum Balm...which absolutely ROCKS and we've used it on Pickle since she was born..... it's $13 a tin.    I made my whole batch...equivalent to over 6 tins for the price of one.   I hope mine is good.   It's only got grapeseed oil, and the actual bum bum balm has several different oils, including coconut, and apricot kernal oil.     I suppose I could experiment sometime down the road if this first trial is at all a success.

So basically.... you make your infused oil....  cover the flower petals with oil...and let'em soak  (I did the fast method of putting it in the oven for a bit.  Preheat oven to 200F  and then turn it off.... then put your petal/oil mix in the oven and let it sit...for hours...I did overnight.

Now, for the actual bum balm making:

  • grate one ounce of wax for every cup of oil you are using
  • in a glass measuring cup (or whatever you're willing to give up forever) heat your oil/wax mixture on the stove in a small pot simmering water..... I used forks to keep the glass cup from touching the bottom...I need one of those wire rack thingies..
  • Once wax is melted (this took a long while to get started, then went super fast) remove from heat and let cool for 5 minutes
  • Once 5 minutes has passed, stir in 8 drops of essential oil (Lavender) for every cup of oil you used
  • Pour into your little containers, let cool,  enjoy pampered bottoms and extra money in your pocket  (to buy more yarn!)

There's the bum balm!  Upon first seems a little less solid than the name brand....but better to be too soft than too hard right?  That's what I think anyways  :)  perhaps a wee bit more wax next time...or...maybe I just haven't waited long enough for it to fully harden.  :)  I am pleased!

Arrggg..I gotta say....formatting posts in blogger right now totally sucks :(  it was good for awhile...and now somehow something has changed...and tres frustrating again....arrrghhh!

Edit: need to change the amounts...the consistency is perrrrrfect!

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