Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas slippers

I knit Christmas slippers for almost everyone in my lab this year. I had to deliver them in secret, because I was one pair short, (which means another pair to make over the holidays). Most of them were felted, and the last pair I made was given to the recipient while still a little bit wet...hahaha...good thing she's a close friend, and she knits she understands the value of a soggy slipper :-D

The next day I got the picture in a thank-you email. Her two year old son helped her unwrap them and said "Nice slippers mommy" hehehe...he's such a cutie!

So, now I'm back to working on the cabled baby sweater for my neice.
I just finished the back a few hours ago....I finished casting off, and then went for a nice long nap. Ha! It's the first day of Christmas vacation....I'm off work until January 2nd!Merry Christmas!!!

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