Monday, December 31, 2007

A sock count you say!

Well, since I'm really more addicted to reading other peoples blog posts than to writing my own, I've noticed that some people actually keep track of what they knit! Novel concept I know...I've always meant to...but somehow...things get lost in the scuffle. I always meant to keep a book, with a picture of each thing I finished and the pertinent information...but that hasn't happened yet either..I guess blogging and ravelry are the closest I've come to actually keeping track of anything outside of my head....

....this lead me to (in my head) count up the number of socks that I've knit...(or rather sock pairs). I'm including worsted weight and bulky socks..because well, otherwise...I'd have no socks....the only tiny needle socks I've made got frogged once they made it to the heal.'s my sock count...from what I can remember
(I'm not counting all those single socks that I made in my late teen years...I don't think I ever completed an entire won't count......hmmmm...only since the knitting resurgence in my life will I include....funny....knitting started up again right around the time I "became Christian" or however you word such a life changing event...(I mean the Christianity...not the knitting.....although it has brought it's own form of fulfillment...not on the same level :-)

Ok, really, here's the sock count:
1 - red socks from Erin's pattern, knit while I was in Nova Scotia, just tossed them out :-(

2 - socks for Joel - as part of a wedding present

3 - baby socks for Sienna, whipped up during our summer vacation b/c her tootsies were cold

3 1/2 - socks for Harold - a direct copy of Joel's sock...but for Harold these are just not moving along.

I thought that I counted 5 in my head...perhaps I've missed's probably just 3 1/2 ......hmmmmmmmmm
This is less exciting that originally thought hahaha!

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