Sunday, December 23, 2007

No more slippers

Seriously...I'm all done with slippers...I might put pom poms on these..but really...that is IT!
I made these yesterday...and was oh sooooo happy that the pattern agrees with the name...these are Patons "Speedy slippers" an ancient pattern.... and oh so speedy

I'm so excited to be working on THIS again! It's really nice to knit. It's the most cabley thing I've ever done...and I've decided that I enjoy knitting cables... I finished the back yesterday, and then today while H was watching football, (and yelling due to the less than stellar score for Greenbay at that DID that turn out anyways?) I casted on one of the front pieces....H is napping now....due to a very frustrating afternoon of football, and well, it is Sunday...which means Tim Hortons coffee, church, Swiss Chalet chicken, football accompanied by knitting for me, and nap time....(obviously not in order of importance...but there is an rather stringent timeline associated with this schedule :-)
I gave up nap time today in favour of I've got about 3 1/2 inches done on that front piece...woo hoo....I'm on fire :P

Pablo the penguin says Merry Christmas

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