Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas

I've not sent out a single Christmas card. Yes, I made a stack of them, but no, they didn't get done and mailed :-( I even have a couple of treats that I was going to have mailed out to a few of you on time for Christmas, but that hasn't happened either...hopefully in January....but I think the actual Christmas cards will wait until next year.
I haven't even mailed my Aunt's socks...although they've been done forever! They've not made it into the mail. Mostly because I have to actually go to the post office to mail them (get them weighed and all that jazz) and I've just been too tired and lazy! I'm positively terrible!

Merry Christmas everybody!

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Jennifer said...

Merry Christmas! I have had a package ready to send to you for a long time but haven't since I have to go to the Post Office and do the custom forms. :) It's not what you do it's the thought right?