Saturday, January 10, 2009

MMM comfort soup and knitting

I have been doing some knitting...steadily actually on one thing!
The first picture here is my you can actually see the stitch's very simple but makes a nice little detail.
And this is how much I've got done. There is a long way to go...but lot's of relaxing over the holidays gave me a pretty good start. It's to be a tank top...a rather big one with room for expansion...I'm thinking ahead here, it's for some reason encouraging to me to be knitting this.
Pattern: Anjou sleeveless top (ravelry link).
This morning/afternoon I made a nice warm comforting soup. We got one of those spiral hams on sale after Christmas, so I saved the bone and some of the meat. I've never made a ham soup before (never have I bought one of those hams before either). I did some internet searching and found a recipe to loosely follow.... but I changed most of it based on my likes and availability of ingredients.Potatoes, green onions, carrots.... some spices (celery salt because I had no celery)Quite a bit of left over ham....I like lot's of meat in soups.It's a very thick soup...lot's of stuff in it...just the way I like it. I actually made it a cream soup...but the picture of that just looked like, well, cream, so I showed this one...before making it creamy....
I'm even eating the carrots instead of picking them out ...hehe


Wool Winder said...

That top is going to be really cute!

Jennifer said...

Your soup looks so yummy and healthy. I'm glad to see the top working out. I'm still a bit shocked that you swatched AND washed it. Maybe I'm just so lazy that I can't imagine someone doing what "they" say to do. :)

cinnamongirl93 said...

Looks great! Any other news?

The soup pictures are fantastic! I have a left over ham bone in the freezer just waiting for something like this post. Yum!