Saturday, September 19, 2009

One warm puppy

I finally knit something. It's one of the fastest projects ever...but it still took me forever to knit. I find since we got the puppies there has not been much time for anything else. I do very little knitting, not much stamping, ha...not much laundry or housecleaning either (unless you count cleaning up after puppies).
So, I made sweet Mindy a coat for winter...she hates it! yes...hates it...not much thanks there, but I imagine when she's freezing her little heiny off outside this winter she'll like it a lot more :-)

Poor Myah probably won't get a coat like this. The pattern was nice enough, clear and easy to knit, quick even, but I'm just not very good at repeating patterns. Even making mittens is a struggle for me because I'm so bored by the end of anything. No matter what it is...I'm bored and uninterested by the time I'm 1/2 done. With the exception of the Cross Country Chullo I knit a couple of winters ago. That thing had me humming the whole way...I was shocked...then again, I was listening to Twilight the whole time I knit it, and I spend about 4 hours in a chair everynight doing nothing but listening and knitting. I don't think the puppies would let me do that!

Anyways...I suppose I'd better find another pattern to make for Myah...but I think I'll wait awhile...I'm done with puppy coats for a I write this...I'm not even actually done..I have one leg opening to pick up stitches on and knit a garter stitch border, and then ends to weave in...but I'm writing this post anyways as if I'm already finished (so bored...ha!)

Anyways, I've given myself permission to not worry about it when I don't blog for months....I've come to terms with being a periodic blogger....I probably always will be....why stress about it. I think about blogging quite a bit..but just never seem to get around to writing the posts...
I'm still reading though...and love to see what everyone else is up to :-)

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Wool Winder said...

Sounds like the puppies are keeping you busy and entertained. That's a good thing. Enjoy!