Monday, August 16, 2010

The toys be swingin’

So,  Just because I posted about how much she liked tracking those fish….  (I wrote that post a few days before it was published online).  Miss Wiggles has gone and made more astounding developments…and now her patience with those fish is a little short. She has started really really batting at toys (she was doing it a bit before…but now…those toys are getting a workout), so,  the other day I noticed her reaching, like she was trying to bat the fish on the swing, but couldn’t reach them…it was tres frustrating for Miss Wiggles….  she requested we remove her from the swing immediately and give her something she could reach.

Here’s an action shot of her in her “jungle gym”…  you can sort of see the toys swinging…  but my camera is not that quick, so I miss things.  She’s hit Mr.Octopus so hard that he’s spun around backwards in this picture…

022 “Gosh, aren’t I just the cutest!”  Really…that’s what she said!


I’m amazed at how she seems to be doing something new every week.  And every week we think it’s the biggest milestone…and then…the next week comes and she amazes us again…

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Wool Winder said...

She will continue to amaze you like that her whole life.