Monday, October 18, 2010

Pink bunny you’re the one!

Looks like pink bunny is the winner.  So soft…and those ears feel nice on the cheekies. I didn’t think Little Pickle was going to end up with a “must have” snuggly thing…but I think she may have very suddenly become irreversibly attached to pink bunny.  It was nap time on Sunday and I went to take pink bunny and move her to the end of the crib…. soft wimper..then a cry… so I offered pink bunny back and she was immediately snuggled against Pickle’s face and she turned her head and closed her eyes….So cute….

Mommy and Daddy are happy with her choice… pink bunny is a hand knit gift…nothing says love like hand knits…and added bonus, while pink bunny could never be replaced, if necessary an imposter bunny could be fashioned relatively easily.


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