Saturday, December 04, 2010



Just had to include a cute Rubster pic.016

So, Our poor puppies have been a little neglected in the grooming…and now that winter is here we again have to find a way to deal with the snow getting packed into the hair on their legs …burrrr


You would think that leaving their hair longer…would keep them warmer…right??? Nope…just gives the snow a way to hang on and freeze them even once they’re inside The only way to get it off is to run the whole darned dog under warm water…ummmm every time they pee?  Not going to happen….   006

So we took them to a groomer today…I asked for this cut…and they did an awesome job (Barkingdales on Adelaide… love love love!)…  it’s exactly what we need right now so that they don’t get their hair pulled…the snow doesn’t pack their legs…and the don’t get knots in their hair…buttt…..I wasn’t totally prepared for this.  puppy cuts 001

I couldn’t tell them apart when I got back home this afternoon…it took me awhile and I still have to look for awhile…honestly…right now I tell them apart by the coat I have on them…lololpuppy cuts 002

So…yeah…they left as poor little Yorkies in need of a grooming….puppy cuts 003

And they came back as……CHIHUAHUAS!!!!puppy cuts 008


Christa said...

Oh no!!! Those poor babies! They must be humiliated!!

Wool Winder said...

Good thing they have sweaters to keep them warm. It will be much easier this way and with a baby to care for, you don't need to be giving the dogs a bath every time they go outside.

Sarah said...

O girls. You and your pal Cookie would do well to keep company together. The winter is so ruthless on your fine yorkie coats. Don't worry - we know you're pretty yorkie babies and not Chihuahua's :)