Sunday, December 09, 2012

Socks...and turkey

We've had this huge 12kg turkey in the freezer for too long.   I kept wanting to cook it, but the timing never worked out...or it was summer!

Just remember, when your husband suggests "this is a great sale, should I just get the biggest one I can find"   there is a limit to the size that is good.   When your oven rack bows like that, probably not a good thing just barely fit into the roasting pan....  phew!

I always cook our turkeys from frozen now.  I don't think I'll ever go back.  There are so many benefits and the only drawback I can find is that you can't stuff it.   I'm not a huge stuffing lover so I don't really care.

So...yes... I've cooked a massive turkey.  Which means massive amounts of leftovers.  I've tracked down a bunch of recipes to use up the leftovers and I'll share them as I make them.    It's the week of TURKEY!!!

Oh, and I had another class with the Yarn Harlot!  Yes, I know, but don't be jealous :p    She showed me how to do the lever knitting on dpn's and a bit on circs.   I'm almost done my first sock.   I'll post a picture.

Now back to that turkey!    ...and the bread I'm baking so we can have hot turkey sandwiches.  It's a new recipe called Amish White Bread.    I'm still using Plan to Eat, so I'll post the recipe right from there  :D

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