Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Toy rotation....and letting go of things

A while ago...a long while ago, when it was just Ruby playing with the "big kid" toys, I started a toy rotation.    I followed this article:  http://thelittlestories.com/how-to-rotate-toys/  which I've been wanting to look up ever since, because it was wonderful, but, I completely dropped the ball on the whole toy rotation thing.   With the small set of toys we had out, she played!  She loved them!   They were easy to clean up!   She wasn't overwhelmed with junk everywhere.   

I need to do this again.   For the last 6 months or so I've not been doing sets, I've just been grabbing a box and picking up a whole bunch of toys and moving them to the basement for storage, and bringing up one or two new things.   It's all disorganized.   Oh gosh!  We have so many toys!    I want to get rid of so much stuff, but it's all good stuff, and that's really hard for me to do.    Some of it was gifts, some we bought (although not that much) some was hand me downs, and I have trouble getting rid of perfectly good things.   My own issue.   I need to deal with that.   Perhaps that's why we're buried in clutter ;)

Anyways,  Ruby has a memory like you wouldn't believe!   She remembers the toys, and occasionally she'll randomly ask for one that I wouldn't think she even knows we have.  So there's another reason I'm a little hesitant to get rid of so much.     And then there are the younger two, who haven't had their turn yet with these things, so I'd be getting rid of toys that are possibly going to be their favourites...see?  right?  no?  Ok...  I'm working on it.   

What good are all these toys if they're all stuffed into bins in the basement and not being played with right.    If I get rid of 2/3 of it, and actually rotate the ones that we keep...then maybe they'll actually have MORE to play with rather than less.    I know it's true.   

So, anyone need some little kid toys?   We've got a lot to clear out.   Especially since we got a few more things for Christmas and I don't want them to be lost in the clutter!

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