Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tuesday October 21 & Wednesday October 22 Accountability Post

Oct 21 results:
What was that I said I was doing yesterday. Oh right... a lot of things. Yesterday was both good and bad. I can proudly say that the leftover Ben & Jerry's won't be tempting me anymore!  I took care of it, but as it turns out, there wasn't much left.
So, checkmarks for staying on track with:
"good" snack
School with Ruby
Sad faces for things that did not get done, or that didn't stay on plan:
I did not get the stairs vacuumed, but I did snuggle Olive a lot, so that's even 
Spaghetti sauce didn't get done, so dinner wasn't what it was supposed to be.
I finished off that ice cream...which really, was the responsible thing to do right! Ok, no,...but... today is a new day!
TODAY: Oct 22nd.
Breakfast - good
Lunch - good
Dinner - making that spaghetti sauce right now... but it's got some venison in it..and I'm worried that I won't like it. I'm finicky.
Evening - 2 or 3 squares of dark chocolate.... that's IT!!! (I can do this!)
Other To-Do:
School - Ruby rocked school today. - DONE
Make spaghetti sauce - yes! finally! - DONE
Turn in my 50% for my OWL (this is a knitting project/game thing) - DONE
Take body measurements to I can track success - DONE
Pay bills - (pause..waiting... going to do that now) - DONE
My first piano lesson! - CAN'T WAIT!

Note:  This is posted late, because I forgot to publish it to blogger. 

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