Monday, November 23, 2015

Conclusion: I expect too much.

Anyone else like me?    I'm sure you are....of course you are!

You plan it out, you make your list, you have your items of the day.

Your list is maybe....10 item tasks long.

I'm talking 9 or 10 things that are not on your "do everyday" list.   This doesn't include the dishes, or the laundry (or maybe if you're as behind on folding as I does), doesn't include:  feed the dog, feed the fish, empty the dishwasher, wash the sink dishes, put away the counter stuff, start a load of laundry, dress the children, hair brushing, teeth brushing, cooking breakfast/lunch/dinner....annnnnnd...lets not forget HOMESCHOOLING!    

Honestly, just the regular daily stuff is enough to fill up the day.   Really, it's more than enough, if it wasn't, then I wouldn't be behind on laundry folding, and I would vacuum the stairs far more often.   I also want a little time know... talk, snuggle, hang out with... these wonderful children that we chose for me to stay home with.   What's the point of even being home if I'm not going to **STOP** sometimes...and just BE with them.    Honestly, I should just put this on the list, because it seems like the day is over and we haven't just held still to be together. 

This is all running through my mind today, as I renew an effort to "get it all done before the baby arrives"    but, is that really possible.  I mean without hiring a nanny, and perhaps losing my mind?

I'm starting to realize, that I really need to lower my standard of productivity on those extra things. 

I make a list... I've been using Susan Sly's production notebook lately....and it's really great for figuring out what my priorities are and what I really want to get done....but you know, it never occurred to me that it was too much for me to do until today.

Today I realized just where I am.   I have about an hour that I could spend on those extra things a day, if I'm lucky, and if I don't waste time.   That's an hour.  ONE HOUR.   Perhaps somedays it is more, and other days it's even less, but roughly ONE HOUR.  

So now that I realize, I really only have ONE HOUR, I need to make some choices.  Either, I don't use 3 categories, or, I use less items per category.   

Ok, see, now I'm not done typing, but... a little boy just brought me a book and asked me to read, I'm going to STOP!!!  and just be with him for the next 15 minutes. 

Go BE with someone you love...right now! 

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