Thursday, June 02, 2016

Heart Rate 101

I'm so excited I'm nearly bouncing!

I joined the Heart Rate 101 group on Another Mother Runner.

So excited.   So excited.  I've been wanting so badly to run again, but just not feeling like my body is ready.   I think this is going to ease me into it safely.

I am supposed to be keeping my heart rate under 140.  Hahahaha!  I have a high heart rate...always have.  I can currently run for about 30 seconds...maybe it's less.  Is it 10?  I don't know.   It's not long.  I run until I hit 140 then walk to bring it back down. The goal is to build and be able to run a nice easy pace without going over 140.

Wish me luck!  It might take me years!  We'll see.

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