Friday, August 04, 2006


Finally!!! It worked! I'm really really a Robson. It's taken over three months, but I finally got my name changed. That is a picture of the name on my temporary drivers licence. I also got my other governmental IDs changed over today as well! Woo hoo....finally. I was beginning to think it would never happen, but it did.

So, If you go and get married in another Cuba for example....when you get back here to wonderful Canada...Ontario for me, then here's what you need to do in order to change your name. It's really very simple, the hard part is actually finding someone who knows what you need in order to get things rolling. Once you get the official copy of the marriage certificate, the one that has been legalized by the Canadian embasy in Cuba, then you can take that and go get it translated. Here in london I went to the London Cross Cultural Learner Centre, they were by far the cheapest. Every other quote I got was in the range of $200 for translation, and $100-$200 for the notarization, but at the lcclc it cost $80 in total.

Once you have that, it seems to be no trouble at all. I went pretty early this morning too, so I didn't even have to wait in line very long at the first two places. The health card however...was a 40 minute wait...oh well, not too bad...but I am still extremely bitter that I had to give up my old red and white Ontario health card and get one of these darned picture ones...I'd been holding onto that baby since I was 12! Alas, now it is gone...and I'm doomed to go get yet another ID renewed every 5 years...doh! Who cares...I'm a ROBSON!

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