Monday, July 31, 2006

Wonderful Weekend!

Well, who could have imagined what a great weekend we had. My sister Kim and my Aunt's put together a BBQ celebration for Harold and I as a sort of casual after the fact wedding reception. I couldn't believe it when I walked in. So much work they had put into everything. I only regret that I left the camera in the car because I forgot it, then when I remembered there was a crazy storm....and so...I hope someone can share their pictures with us. The decorations where beautiful, and it was so cool to see everyones wedding pictures (OK, another regret...I really wanted to scan and print those wedding photos and put them in a scrapbook, but the day was so exciting that I didn't follow through...doh! hopefully I can contact people for a copy of a was still uber cool to see them all!)

The food!!! Omigosh! So good, and oh so much of it...mmmmm tasty chicken...and you should have had the cheesecake.....ha! I had three! and there's still some in my fridge...they won't last long let me tell you :-P

The day BBQ was followed by more fun at Aunt Karen and Uncle Ed's house...we didn't want to leave...and so didn't until very very very late...which is why we were so ridiculously tired the next day for diving...but...nothing new there...we rarely sleep enough before a dive...horrible I know!

Our wonderful weekend was completed on Saturday with a diving trip on Uncle Ralph and Aunt Lois-Annes boat. We dove the Vickory (sp?) and the Keystorm. I was far too stinking hot on the first dive to really enjoy it much, I used to being too cold when diving,,,never have I been so completely roasting for an entire dive before.

So the second dive on the Keystorm, I wore much less, and had a fabulous dive...that rec is like a playground, I could spend forever swimming around that thing! I'm so glad Uncle Ralph showed me the massive gash in the side of the hull where it ran into the shoals, it was HUGE, and now seems to be the hole for many a fish to linger.

Another totally cool feature I never would have found on my own, this little cave type thing in the side (I have no idea what to actually call it...or what it's purpose was on the ship...I was mesmorized by the coolness), you can sort of duck inside it and stick your head up, and there is about a foot and a half of air trapped in have this little pocket of completely dry air space...and the sound in there was amazing. It was a really neat experience to hear the sound of the creeking metal and such, without it being dampened out by the water. That is a diving first for me, and very cool I must say!

Here's a great pic of Aunt Lois-Anne on the Myrtle Mae IIand Uncle Ralph
Here's Harold pretending to drive
And me ACTUALLY driving...whew! crashes

Alrightly...and on a completely different note, here's what I've done on the bag liner

I'm loving how this is turning almost makes me want to make the inside the outside...almost...and everybody said that liner didn't matter because no one is going to see it...Audrey will! and I will know.... :-)


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I love love love your blog! The weekend sounds so amazing. You almost make me want to take up scare me so much :)

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