Friday, July 14, 2006

Knitting in two cities

Well, I guess Guelph is long as I have something cool to knit when I have to stay over night....all alone :-(

And so the last two nights that I've been in Guelph I started knitting my lacy little tank from Lana Knits, it's 100% hemp! I've been waiting to try this stuff for sooooo long. So I bought the pattern and enough to make the medium (which I hope fits, I noticed that it said finished chest measurement is 36", but that's my actual body measurement....but I don't have enough hemp to make the next size I'm going to give it a whirl anyways.

Here's a picture of my hemp...I just have to roll it into a ball as I am not knitty enough to have a ball winder...truthfully...I've never actually seen one in real life...and I have no idea how they work! Anyways...isn't it pretty...feels kindof stiff...but I've already noticed how much it has softened up just by winding it on the ball and working with a little bit...I love the colour!

And here's how much I have done

And a little close up of the lacy pattern, I have messed it up on almost every lace row, I'm just hoping that it somehow still turns out, apparently I really can't watch TV and knit anything that requires memory. Oh well, I'm tired of un-knitting entire rows to get back to the stich that I messed up...if it's imperfect FINE! So am I!

So, this is my official Guelph knitting project..I can just leave it there...and not bother carting a million bags back and forth every week. And while I'm in London, I can keep working on finishing my red silk/cotton rowan sweater "chamomile" that Harold bought the yarn and pattern book for me....not this past Christmas...but the one before was our first Christmas together...and was absolutely wonderful. I had NEVER had nice yarn before...I'd only ever had acrylic or cotton...the stuff you can get at Walmart or Zellers. Doh! now I'm hooked on the good stuff...knitting with the good oh sooo gooood.


Here is the half-done back of my London sweater, I love knitting with this stuff so much..that I don't even mind that I've had to knit the front multiple times!

And here are my two fronts....enjoy them now...because the ripping will soon begin!

Why you ask? (even though you are me...because I'm probably the only one who will ever read my ramblings...will I even read them..who knows!)
Anyways.. I knit the front (right when I got the's not been stashed..I meerly needed a break..for sanity) anyways...I knit the front in size medium...and even though my swatch was perfect..when I knit the sweater medium turned out to be small, so then I knit the large thinking it would turn out medium, but it just so happens that at the same time I had been reading about why people knit too tightly and how to stop doing worked...too well, so my large turned out extra large! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
So...I decided to forget the front...after a six month (or 12...whatever) break...I started the medium, and low and's turning out to be exactly the size it's supposed to I have to rip out both fronts...and redo only problem now is that in instructions for the back you are supposed to knit the lenght to match the'm going to have to put what I have done on the back on some holders and redo the front...then when the front is done..assuming that it might actually work out someday...then I can pick up the back again and finish it....after that...who knows.....maybe even a sleeve!


Anonymous said...

Oh my got this whole blog thing down pat! pictures for everything. I love it. It is like I am right there! Beautiful knitting. I have started a baby jacket (not for me for a friend!)
Ophelia (guess who?)

Anonymous said...

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